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Gotway 100v Nikola Plus 1845wh- Orange County, California (Sold)

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Up for sale is my 100v Nikola Plus 1845wh wheel. I have a handful of wheels that I like to use and enjoy trying new wheels when they come out.  I don’t have the space to keep all the wheels, so I’m putting this one up for sale.  This Nikola plus uses the 18650 cells and are not the ones that have had issues lately.  Only 130 miles on this wheel and it has never been dropped and or crashed. Charges up to 100% and runs wonderfully.  I liked it so much that I recently purchased a EUC Bodyguard for it (included).  I took off the side pads (will be included in the box) and have been riding with just the Bodyguard.  Very comfortable, but a lot thinner feeling.  Great wheel that can go up to 40mph if desired.  I’m realizing I don’t have a need for this kind of speed.  I have an MSP coming in soon so I need to make room.  Unfortunately this one has to go.  I would prefer to sell locally, but will ship out. I have sold and purchased many wheels on this forum successfully. I purchased this wheel from Ewheels and it has a warranty till August. The only thing wrong with it is that the stickers peeled off.  Comes with box, 3amp charger, round stickers that peeled off, side pads, and EUC bodyguard.


Price: $1750 shipped to Continental US.


49961139556_0fc7ffd481_c.jpgUntitled by Matt Franklin, on Flickr

49960647438_1e0fd8b466_c.jpgUntitled by Matt Franklin, on Flickr49961431262_5651caf273_c.jpgUntitled by Matt Franklin, on Flickr49961146926_7cddb579e2_c.jpgUntitled by Matt Franklin, on Flickr49961146921_1ebeb872ab_c.jpgUntitled by Matt Franklin, on Flickr49960716818_1c8af9a13b_c.jpgUntitled by Matt Franklin, on Flickr

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Ive bought a ks16x from Sketch

The wheel was in mint condition. Perfect transaction and very good communication!

Now I would say that any potential buyer should wait before buying this wheel... Because I'm also trying to get a hand on it!😄 

I need to sell a few of mine before !


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This one is sold to @Eric plam I just want to say that this is the second wheel I have sold to Eric and each has been a smooth transaction. This wheel is on its way from Californa to Canada.  Don’t hesitate to deal with Eric.  He is a great member of this EUC community.

Thanks everyone.


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