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  1. I have an Inmotion V8 that I would like to sell Not a lot of mileage on it (around 500) But has been used a lot in trails, so it is not in the best cosmetic shape. Outer shell has cracks. I didn't mind about it. I padded it on one side with foam. Asking 440. Might need to be shipped Located near Montreal, Quebec Pm me for photos.
  2. I have a v10f I could sell not to expensive. Has lot of scratches and bumps and has V8 pedals but still running good! Pm me if interested
  3. I might be selling a z10. low mileage. Montreal around 2K
  4. Hi I've read the description, but just to be sure, you don't have the outer shell?
  5. I hate being in Canada too cold and far from the best unicycle places and groups!
  6. Are they the same as tenofnine just posted? How do they feel? Where did you buy them? I might be tempted for both my V8 and v10
  7. Hello Ive sent you a message for you ks16x. Might be interested
  8. probem solved. New motherboard. Now working perfectly Thanks for all the advices
  9. Hi Thanks for that. I checked into the box and there is some rubber marks, as if the wheel spin in the box Do you think the motor could have broke? The control board and fuses do not really show marks of burn.. I ordered a new control board. Hope that will work..otherwise any other idea on why it didn't power up? Thanks!
  10. Does the white fumes are normal? Or is it burn?
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