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  1. If I can add my two cents to this discussion. I have both v11 and three s18 (one with a modded fox shock) I received the v11 late in October, got hit by a car and thus didn't had time to fully try the v11 until two weeks ago. But it's winter up here and I do love riding in snow, trolling the kids and I would say that previous winters the king was my z10, with the large tire would work like a charm in the snow. But this winter I would say the s18 is magical. Nimble and light and the suspension is a charm to take bumps. No surprise here. My main claim is I tried the v11 in the sa
  2. Hi all. I'm still working to fix my 18xl, which works, can ride miles without problems, but has an intermittent beeps and shakes.. I changed the inner shell, bracket, motor and trolley sensor, so pretty much everything! I had support from ewheels all that long, but now the wheel is no longer warranty and my last option is to change the board. For the 2000w motor. If anyone has one spare.. Thanks
  3. By experience, shipping to anywhere in North America is around 50$
  4. Selling this s18 great shape. Used with normal scratches maybe, but minor. Still has warranty with euco. I made a claim for a new board that failed and for new pedals, as the clips broke. Got new ones, but one side yet broke again. But holds by friction anyway. Black version. 1600usd
  5. I would say v11, but s18 is quite nice too, even if the suspension system is in my opinion much less responsive than the v11. The s18 will only marginally absorb small road bumps, where the v11 feels much softer. But v11 pedals are so high, hard to get used to. The s18 is also way lighter. But would say a pain to dismount and repair. My two cents.
  6. Well, I must resign on this wheel as I don't know how to fix it. It's either a structural problem with either the axle or the inner shell, or a motherboard problem. Ewheels says it's most probably structural as the problem is intermittent. This wheel was under warranty from ewheels until last August. They helped me changing one pedal hanger, and the inner shell, but the wheel still present some intermittent tremors. I even changed the motor to be sure, so mileage of the board (4800kms) is not the real mileage of the motor, which is around 200kms. The wheel will occasionally shake and
  7. I think the kickstand should be fixed. It's a shame it frictions against the tire while down, otherwise I wish keep it down so no need to fiddle with it. A bit like the z10 kickstand did.
  8. For me, the Nik is still my overall best, almost par with 18xl. A really good smooth city ride. Very nice trolley in my opinion. But check also for second hand 18xl. Those are great. But I do second for a 16x (I don't like that wheel, but most do) high pedals for offroad. Check also the s18. Very good wheel too, with suspension! The msx/msp are wonderful, just watch out not to fall too often, as they are sooo fragile.. The Nik is a tank
  9. Hi all. I'm looking to buy a few wheels, for now especially the "older" models, not those of 2020. So wheels like mcm5 (v2), z10, Nikola, msx, 16x. I don't mind used condition. Shipping would be needed near Montreal. I can provide shipping labels. I've bought a lot of wheels in the last year. I'm sure some here could vouch for me! Thanks!
  10. Lucky guy you got the wheel! But I can assure you this is an xl, as the serial number will always show L. It's normal
  11. Sorry. No response yet from EUCO. I hope they could send me a new board again. As I installed the other correctly, but it burned for some reason... I'll try a follow up today
  12. So I bought this s18 already with a defective board, which EUCO kindly provided warranty and sent me a new board. I was able to put it back, but wow what an hassle having to fully dismantle the wheel only to replace a board! It balanced and worked, but it was two days before Christmas and thus I didn't use it for two weeks. In fact I didn't even ride it one day.. Two days ago I wanted to give it a try, and it didn't start. Weird. I unplugged the batteries and put them back , pressed the power and it jolted.. a spark near the capacitors. So I guess it it's dead again now
  13. I just sent you a message. Please let me know! Take care and get well soon. (I too was hit by a car in September. Broken leg. Just starting back to walk and ride again!)
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