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  1. I finally don't think there is something wrong with the suspension. I feel I'm the problem πŸ˜„ (but I must say don't use the kingsong chart for adjusting psi to your weight. ) I'm 160pounds and I set it to 190/100psi and does the job.. althought again I wanted something smoother.. anyway..
  2. I was able to tune it to an acceptable level.. but nonetheless I barely feel the difference with my msx over bumps..
  3. Me I lost both side of the pedal hangers to keep the pedals closed to the wheel. Both broke off after one day of use!
  4. Thanks. In fact you are right. The suspension seems to do its job while riding fast. I first tried to calibrate it while slowly going around my street. But then I went riding till the beeps and yeah it does smoothen the bumps.. still not to my expectations, but I'll try tuning it again
  5. Thanks in fact I just upgraded the psi in both chambers and it does seem a little better. Me fool. Trying to follow the instructions...πŸ€” I'll try again Thanks
  6. Now riding it in the wild.. but it's not birds you're hearing. The wheel started to sing! Now its everything but silent. Sqweeking ! https://photos.app.goo.gl/w9M6BtfPSnVG7gcCA
  7. As I said I'll continue tuning it for a day or two. As of now I prefer my z10 slightly deflated and my knees.. does the same job unfortunately, although the z10 follows every crack..
  8. Ok then I'll continue messing with it. Thanks again for your help. I just guess it isn't going to be what I expected. I only wanted a suspension to smoothen the regular bumps of the road, not something to jump over ledges.. I tried over a really rocky road earlier today. A trail full of medium sized rocks, no gravel. And I didn't see the suspension going.. Anyhow. Maybe I'll keep it just to add to my collection and the kids will use it. Or I will sell. I don't think I'll have any fun with it. I would say it's my first real deception on a wheel. Everytime I order a new wheel it's such fun I want to keep them all! First time I want to trash one.. but maybe I just need some sleepπŸ˜„ Anyhow Thanks again for your time
  9. Next time I go near Bay area I'll pay you a beer!
  10. Yeah sorry that was idiot. I shouldn't have wrote this 😳 Now, 160psi 1rst photo while I'm not in it, then when I just stepped on (it already goes out of the shell) Then after one small jump, and stays there https://photos.app.goo.gl/5ush3JGPgoynWptF9
  11. Good but now I can't remove that block....
  12. Oh I must pump it while the shock closed (the blue lever)?
  13. So, me again So I pumped it again. At 100psi, the suspension wasn't close to hit the block on the pedals. It touched it at 150psi I don't find the shock is entered in the shell enough. See me just while mounting it. The shock already goes out. And then me jumping.. Is it normal, again Sorry for wasting your day! https://photos.app.goo.gl/gCkFkt9oqQ1bqeuM7
  14. I'll try again then! And I'll shoot a better video if I don't succeed Thanks
  15. Which chamber ensures the shock to put be back up? The main or negative chamber?
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