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  1. I just forgot to add that the v8 is still working ! No signs of battery problems either
  2. I'm looking to sell my v8 It doesn't have much mileage on it, less than 800. But we did use it and stress it quite a lot, so the outer shell is scratched and cracked and there is a small, quite faint, but noticeable hiccup on it . Maybe a rim slightly bent? Maybe just a tire issue, as I did replace it once. Maybe it's an easy fix I just padded the outer shell over the crack to cover. I'll remove everything before selling. You can easily buy a new body So, if anyone would like a second hand v8 for cheap let me know. Shipping might be needed , as I live near Montreal. (I'm trying to sell here because a local sale might be difficult up here in the winter!) (I've seen many E+ for sale around 200, so I guess 300$us is quite fair?) Let me know in pm
  3. Salut Je viens de vous écrire en message privé. Je suis aussi de Montréal
  4. Hi How much you're asking for? You can pm me Thanks
  5. Hi Good if you already got one! But no I'm not close. It will have to be shipped...
  6. Hello I have an used v8 (solowheel) for sale It has been pretty used, off road, forests,etc so it's all scratched. The shell has cracks in it It has a litter "jitter" to it too. I will check removing the tire and reinstalling it if it changes and let it know here. Like a redundant hiccup while riding. Not that much annoying to me, due to the use I make of it. but it's there. I might be willing to buy and change the outer shell. But first maybe check what I can obtain out of it here, if there's any interested. Around 500 miles total on it. I'll add more photos this week Keeps a good charge Might need to be shipped, and shipping might be around 100$
  7. Hello I do have an used imnotion v8 for sale Not that much mileage, around 500 But I did lend it to many of my friends to learn on. Used in partys So it has been pretty banged, still very usable The outer shell is cracked I could sell it that way or I could buy new shells and install them Let me know in pm if that's interesting to you
  8. Ok let me know! Would be interested to buy!
  9. The Kingsong 14d is SOLD Thanks James
  10. I guess our opinions depend of our surroundings, the place we grew on, habits etc. On my Quebec point of view I think universal health Care is the best way, it's also very simple and gives us less stress thus making place for EUC rides! But no system is without fails. The Polish guy had problems with they public system, and the other American guy also points out private sector inequities. But yet I personally think paying for others we don't even know, even paying for idiots that are not "worth" is still the way to do. Why not the universal right to own an unicycle? That would have the world! Free unicycles for all!
  11. Hope it won't happen to me, but statistically it might happen to me one day! And if my dream come true, and that the EUC becomes increasingly popular , then just by the number of riders, the more accidents will be reported to the hospitals. But just the same as with bicycles. The risks are quite the same in my opinion. I'm quite glad then that we have public healthcare here in "socialist- equalitarian" Quebec . Even with it's flaws. I'm okay paying with my taxes so poor people are taken care of, and yes, also paying for dumb idiots too (which I might even be included one day if I loose my mind and does a brain fart on my EUC)!
  12. Ho sorry I already sold the E and S2
  13. Hi Would you accept 500 shipped? That would be a fair compromise Let me know Thanks
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