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  1. I have this ks18a to sell for parts I did like that wheel because it was just a perfect fit for me to sit on, but then today I just opened it, tried to connect it to the kingsong app and boom ! Dead. Not waking up Bluetooth seems to be partially working. Can be found by other devices but will not connect or stay connected Cannot power on or off Too bad Will accept any offer Will need to be shipped. I'm from Montreal
  2. Hello Three years from it now I have the same problem Did you find a solution?
  3. Hi everybody Can someone tell me if I can modify a ks18a with 800w motor to a ks18a if I buy just the 1500w motor? I know maybe some will say, if you don't know electric and electronics just don't mess with it, but one has to start somewhere to learn! Just because I do love the size of the ks18a. The seat fits me absolutely well with my height. But I'd like to speed higher than the 15mph the ks18a allows me.. I see I can buy just a ks18s1500w motor from ewheels Thanks for your advice
  4. I just sent you a private message along with my infos Eric
  5. Hi I just found your post.. Any update on the chains? How do they perform? I just contacted also the slipnoattraction dealer to see if they could do the same for like the Nikola and the z10.. How do you install them? Easy? Thanks
  6. Hi again! I might be interested to replace the other v5f! Would 550 be possible? You can inbox me Eric
  7. I also have a V8, but has some damage to the outer shell.. nothing serious, but cosmetic.
  8. I just forgot to add that the v8 is still working ! No signs of battery problems either
  9. I'm looking to sell my v8 It doesn't have much mileage on it, less than 800. But we did use it and stress it quite a lot, so the outer shell is scratched and cracked and there is a small, quite faint, but noticeable hiccup on it . Maybe a rim slightly bent? Maybe just a tire issue, as I did replace it once. Maybe it's an easy fix I just padded the outer shell over the crack to cover. I'll remove everything before selling. You can easily buy a new body So, if anyone would like a second hand v8 for cheap let me know. Shipping might be needed , as I live near Montreal. (I'm trying to sell here because a local sale might be difficult up here in the winter!) (I've seen many E+ for sale around 200, so I guess 300$us is quite fair?) Let me know in pm
  10. Salut Je viens de vous écrire en message privé. Je suis aussi de Montréal
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