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  1. As title Looking to buy a functional 2000w 18xl control board
  2. 18xl Worked fantastically for 2 years. But after a tire change started to tremble and beeps. I bought another motor (from Duf), thinking it would fix it, along with a new pedal bracket. It went fine for days, but yet it does shakes randomly. Quite still rideable. Sometimes it behaves as it should for days. I asked ewheels for directions, as they say it doesn't point out to a control board issue), but I must say I was going to buy one , after failing the other options. But I have too many wheels. So I'd like to sell. Minimal scratches The trolley handle sensor ha
  3. Hi all I just received this new board from Chickway (after months of painful discussions with them to honor their warranty) Anyhow of course they sent me that new board WITHOUT instructions on how to plug. So different from my old board.. plus there is a weird orange and brown confusing color.. and two different blue (!?) Anyone knows how to connect that? Thanks!
  4. Hi I experienced the same with my 18xl.. A shake, then the wheel beeps.. I changed the motor, brackets and inner shell. Still does it.. Any solution?
  5. Thanks Finn for all these info! As for me removing the metal bloc worked the best for me. But one last thing. I feel like when i step on it it lowers a lot and stays down a lot. Not bringing me up after , so leaving me with not a lot of travel for absorbing bumps. It does work nice while jumping, as I preload the jump. But I feel like I'm quite low otherwise.. I've put the shock to many levels. The one that works the best seems to be 180/60. I'm 170 pounds fully geared Any idea on how to adjust the shock to pull me up a little?
  6. Now that's a game changer for me!!!!😃 Wow what a difference. Although there was only one block on one side. None on the other side.. Or maybe it's only the wd-40??
  7. Yeah! So I wasn't crazy... The suspension does have problems. No way I could do that on my wheel. I have to sit on it and jump with all my weight to expose the shock. (Of course after I emptied the air)
  8. I finally don't think there is something wrong with the suspension. I feel I'm the problem 😄 (but I must say don't use the kingsong chart for adjusting psi to your weight. ) I'm 160pounds and I set it to 190/100psi and does the job.. althought again I wanted something smoother.. anyway..
  9. I was able to tune it to an acceptable level.. but nonetheless I barely feel the difference with my msx over bumps..
  10. Me I lost both side of the pedal hangers to keep the pedals closed to the wheel. Both broke off after one day of use!
  11. Thanks. In fact you are right. The suspension seems to do its job while riding fast. I first tried to calibrate it while slowly going around my street. But then I went riding till the beeps and yeah it does smoothen the bumps.. still not to my expectations, but I'll try tuning it again
  12. Thanks in fact I just upgraded the psi in both chambers and it does seem a little better. Me fool. Trying to follow the instructions...🤔 I'll try again Thanks
  13. Now riding it in the wild.. but it's not birds you're hearing. The wheel started to sing! Now its everything but silent. Sqweeking ! https://photos.app.goo.gl/w9M6BtfPSnVG7gcCA
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