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  1. It depends if your willing to buy used or only new. The V12 is not yet arrived at most sellers , so there's a wait. V12 has a better build, maybe better autonomy. Rs is extra stable and made for speed. Horrible trolley handle.
  2. Two s18 in very nice condition One has 477kms The other around 1000kms Looking for 1800usd each. Shipping is around 50$
  3. I wasn't able to access split mode in the inmotion app, but enabled it in euc world
  4. Indeed. I'll do some research on a good tire option that fits on the V12. Maybe it will change my opinion on it. As of now the tire looks a lot like the one on the v11 , which I didn't like and changed to a knobby..
  5. Just got my V12 two days ago so my opinion might not be final. I'm the kind of guy that loves every wheel, but I really didn't like the 16x. The V12 is indeed a 16x killer in almost every way, except weight and of course, price... I personally love the Nik+ a lot lot more than the 16x already. But most disagree with me. Anyway... I must say I didn't have any wow impression on my first days with the V12. Indeed it is fantastically well build. Realty really top notch. The esthetics are fine, it is a nice looking wheel although I love the round Nikola shape better. It does have a l
  6. Got the V12 and I'm not sure to prefer it to my Nik+.. Very heavy, top heavy too. More torque than the Nik, but I don't like the ride feel compared to it. Maybe it's just a matter of time. Or the tire. I prefer knobby tires. But has a big gyro effect. Plus wobbles a lot more than my Nik. The touchscreen is ok, but picky. Always changing the too speed and alarms while I just want to scroll the screen to access options down.. hard to click on the settings menu icon. I prefer the Nik trolley. I don't like having to click and click again and again to lock and unlock . I disable
  7. To follow up on this topic, my Sherman charges up to 99.1V and 96% in euc world.. Normal?
  8. I use it all the time. Very very helpful. But you can link your credit card to pay the shipping. No need to have a balance in your PayPal account.
  9. On behalf of Randyrides, who contacted me to buy my mcm5 too, I would say keep the shipping option open. He was going to buy mine but found a last-minute local seller. I never had any problems shipping a wheel, so feel confident.
  10. I have a gotway Rs torque I plan to sell. Amazing wheel, but I plane buying something else and I have the Sherman too, so I don't really use this one. Has a Sherman tire installed, front and rear bumpers. That Sherman tire is just amazing. Full disclosure, this wheel had a cutoff at 68kmh, parts of the shell were changed. The front rubber seal that hid the ports went away and now there's a 3d printed red cover holing with velcro. I usually add a tape over the power button and that cover when I ride offroad or with a risk of rain, just to be sure not to loose it. Bearings were ch
  11. Ho I do have a mcm5v1 14 inches as your s1. But with much much more power, speed and autonomy
  12. Just got a mcm5v2 also. Makes that same on and off fan noise.. My old v1 didn't do that Any update on this?
  13. I'm planning to sell my mcm5v1. Located near Montreal. Can ship without problem. Fantastic machine! Scratches, but otherwise very fine condition. Taking reasonable offers.
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