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  1. Ok let me know! Would be interested to buy!
  2. I guess our opinions depend of our surroundings, the place we grew on, habits etc. On my Quebec point of view I think universal health Care is the best way, it's also very simple and gives us less stress thus making place for EUC rides! But no system is without fails. The Polish guy had problems with they public system, and the other American guy also points out private sector inequities. But yet I personally think paying for others we don't even know, even paying for idiots that are not "worth" is still the way to do. Why not the universal right to own an unicycle? That would have the world! Free unicycles for all!
  3. Hope it won't happen to me, but statistically it might happen to me one day! And if my dream come true, and that the EUC becomes increasingly popular , then just by the number of riders, the more accidents will be reported to the hospitals. But just the same as with bicycles. The risks are quite the same in my opinion. I'm quite glad then that we have public healthcare here in "socialist- equalitarian" Quebec . Even with it's flaws. I'm okay paying with my taxes so poor people are taken care of, and yes, also paying for dumb idiots too (which I might even be included one day if I loose my mind and does a brain fart on my EUC)!
  4. Hi Would you accept 500 shipped? That would be a fair compromise Let me know Thanks
  5. Thanks for the hint about Robert Ace. Didn't know the guy I saw a video and he does go fast on straight lines and then slows down to 12kmh to turn.. So I guess there is no way to make it turn fast if even a guy like him slows down!
  6. No it's 84v nikola. I don't hear or feel the motor while riding. But I'm not a speed cruiser , so maybe if you push it a lot.. I know the fan is noisy, but it while powering it on and not riding. Otherwise while riding you just can't hear the fan.. On the Z10 maybe it's not the motor, but the wide tire feel against the street that makes that addictive sound/feeling.. The z10 would be my best wheel ever.. if only I can get the touch on how to turn !
  7. I totally agree to the sheer beauty of this wheel! I'm still relatively new to EUC (this summer) but I've gone quite crazy with it and I have bought a lot of wheels, small and big. And the Z10 is just something else, not small nor big. Just different. I do have three 14 inch wheels, a v8 and a Nikola+. I must say that I don't use 14 inch quite often. Nor the v8. I'm always between the Nikola and the Z10. I do think the Nik is the best all around wheel. It is clearly more agile than the Z. My God it is hard to turn on the Z10.. always have to practically stop before turning a street, otherwise on big speed I would make such a wide turn that I would almost go in the opposite side of the street and face a car! On the Nik I can turn a lot more quickly. Or maybe I don't know how to ride it correctly? Even when I lean heavily on a side that wheel doesn't turn faster ! The only way is to practically stop and then turn. So in my opinion the Nikola is still by far the best wheel. But then why do I still keep the Z10?! It's a weird answer. Because it is different. I just like the esthetics, and the sound of it. The sound of it's rubber wheel on the ground, feeling like your on top of a powerful motor. You do feel the wheel engine. On the nikola it's totally silent. It's like driving a magical wheel, almost ignoring it's a even powerful motor! So I will be keeping the Z10 because it is unique. As I said I'm quite crazy about wheels, changing a lot, so I might even change the nikola for a ks16x in the future, but I don't think the Z10 will be changed for anything else.. although a z10 second pro version??
  8. Hi I bought a new pair of side shell for the v8 which would be applied when I get the wheel back from a friend which I lended the v8 to. So maybe next week I could have actual photos. As of now just expect it looks like any other v8, but new on the sides Would ask 600 for the v8 Thanks
  9. I also have other wheels willing to sell. All with very little use, less than 500kms total An inmotion v8 with cover and new shell Ninebot s2 Ninebot E+
  10. Hello I'd like to sell my ks14d. 420wh version Has only about 500km total. Works flawlessly. Some minor paint scuffs Willing to ship anywhere in US or Canada Asking 550 US$ shipped See photos https://photos.app.goo.gl/EtC36gh6HMu1cGzZA
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