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Canada Gotway Nikola 2100wh 84v

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I'm thinking of maybe selling my Nikola. Testing the waters of interested people. If it doesn't sell then I'll just keep it and maybe change the main board later..

Reason is, and full disclosure here, that the wheel doesn't entirely power off. The LEDs, light, fan and speakers always stay on. And I don't know why.. happened one day

 The motor do power off of course

Batteries charge up to full 100%, no obvious signs of degradation anywhere that I'm aware..

I know nothing about electronic, so maybe someone else could figure out why and fix.

Otherwise I'm using it everyday anyway. I manually unplug it by removing one side panel and disconnect the main connection between battery and board.

I will add soon photos of everything, inside and out.

Around 3500 kms total. 

Would ask 1450usd

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41 minutes ago, meepmeepmayer said:

Get a new board. Not sure if riding a EUC with "symptoms" is a good idea.

I totally get that. Unfortunately ewheels do not have boards in stock right now, but they are ordering some. Of course I'll get a new one, just to end messing with the unplugging. But I thought about selling it meanwhile too. 

Maybe someone would be interested anyway, and I'm open to offers, trades, etc

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