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Total failure after recalibration

Geoff R

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My new ninebot one E+ worked great. I connected with the Android app and selected the recalibrate function. 

After that, the ninebot became totally weird. Won't turn on, but if I move it, the lights flash and it starts to vibrate. 
If I press the on button, the lights dont' come on. 

any time i move it, whether it is on or not, the lights flash and it vibrates. But its not on, and I cannot ride it. 

Any ideas for what to do? IS there a way to return to faculty default configuration? 

I have the latest 1.2.7 version software already updated on the ninebot... 


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Think you may have it 'locked' via the software screen?  At least that's what it does when it's locked - a kind of 'protection' against someone walking away with your bot while you're doing something else ;)

Should be a lock in the middle of the 'run' screen on your app, just press it and it should release?

I know the device has to be in the 'locked' state for the calibration to take place but I think you can get there somewhere else so it's not always obvious to unlock it?

Let us know either way :)

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