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Did you get a new Segway Ninebot minipro or minilite and it won't power on or charge, or did you let it go too long without using it and now the battery wont charge, or do you have the dreaded 4 red blinking led?
If you are a Technically inclined individual and would like to do it yourself and do not like to mail your battery to us - This listing is for YOU.
Thus far we have successfully restored 100% of the batteries with a special jig we designed to provide safety, eliminate soldering and risk by following the step by step instruction to the letter. (Important: You need to have the original Ninebot charger not any aftermarket substitute.)
You will be responsible for removing the battery from your Segway(4 #3 Allen wrench screws),
There is no guarantee that this  will work on your battery if your battery is damaged and beyond recovery. Thus far we never had any single report of unsuccessful attempt from those who purchased our DIY, restoration services, and used our recovery method.
Disclaimer: This is a Do-It-Yourself repair and absolutely dependent on your capability to follow the instruction without short-cuts or circumvention, therefore you alone are absolutely responsible for what you are doing and I disavow any responsibility as the result of your action. If this scares you and do not want to take a chance, simply let us just do it for you - Check eBay item # 202946994048
...or send me an email direct: Manny_Lalo@hotmail.com
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