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(SOLD) Gotway MSuper HS version type2. Basically still new. New York


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I have a Gotway MSuper HS version 680wh type 2.  It's basically new still and has only 200km on it.  I think I've charged it only 4-5 times.  It has a couple of day one scratches on it but no chips or cracks in case.  It's the best purchase I made in years.  The only reason I'm considering it is because I can currently buy a 850wh so if I can sell this I would buy that.  I paid $1500 for it about 2 months ago and I'm willing to work out a fair deal.  I must warn that the MSuper is a true machine.  It's scary fast and can go very far on a charge. It's a legitimate transportation device. But it's also really fast.  I have not pushed it to its limit but by the time I hear the warning beep I'm already going so fast.  I have original box, charger and cable. I also have the app so I can show you actual km/h and set it up the way you like.  This is your chance to own a MSuper at a great price!!


If if interested and live in or close to New York PM me.  We can do this ASAP. 

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