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  1. Yep heading off on my dirt bike that weekend because of those pesky ninebots like SS said. LOL
  2. Go big you won't be disappointed, I am 100 % happy with my 18 and can turn every bit as tight as I can on my 14 with a bit of practice.
  3. BPINE


    Here is a short video of some evening offroad riding, sorry just had my cell phone. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuWRLJEY9wo
  4. Yep sure had a great time, nice meeting you all. I have a ton of video now I just need the time to do something with it. Blair
  5. Wow Jason real sorry to see this I hope the best for your healing process but man a simple set of hillbilly skate board gloves would have prevented all this pain. I never thought I would be that safety crazy guy on the forums but I just can't believe the lack of it on these EUC's when we know there is a possibility of problems.
  6. Ad I assume that is the final alarm? Thanks for the clarification Don.
  7. I agree but from what I see even on the top of the line EUC's they have some work to do on their BMS systems to many problems on brand new units that can result in the same problems.
  8. Yep mine does that if I turn off level 1 it beeps and says successful but I still get an alarm at 22kph just like with it on but if I turn off the second I am not sure when the alarm comes on only went up to 32kph last night, seemed fast enough for pavement riding in the dark. at least I got the alarm at 22 to go away because that is about the speed I normally travel.
  9. OK I think I have something figured out it seems at least on mine the 1st alarm disable doesn't work but if I turn off the 2nd alarm it seems to work. With everything turned on the first alarm I get it at 22kph or 14 mph, is that really the first alarm?
  10. I get connect device, advanced setting which does nothing, horizontal alignment, Vibration, ring 5 seconds, then under more I get the 3 ride modes which work, view current which doesn't seem to do anything and speed alert settings. When I push the button to turn off level1 alarm the uni beeps but it doesn't seem to turn the alarm off. Thanks for the help
  11. If I use that it only changed the alarm in that app but the beeper on the uni stays the same.
  12. Mine is a week old is that new enough? LOL
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