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IPS Zero top speed test

Citi Wheel

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1 hour ago, spikes2020 said:

Nice, 30kmh doesn't seem that fast now, and i want more... but i probably shouldn't... nice IPS zero looks awesome~

18 mph is as fast as I would want to go on a 14 inch wheel. At those speeds even a small bump can through you off the EU so you must be very familiar with the road or hypervigilant, otherwise it's going to end badly.

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1 hour ago, John Eucist said:

Now the big question is whether or not the app speed matches real speed.  Could you do a GPS speedometer in one hand and IPS app in another test?

I feel like it was pretty accurate. I did that test with my ninebot E+ N20 with the new update and got a top speed of 15 mph and a cruising speed of 14 mph. This definitely felt a lot faster that. 

I'll do that test with the ips zero also though and post the results.

1 hour ago, Chuts said:

You would probably hit 30 if going down an shallow slope.

This was actually slightly downhill. You're right on the edge on the motors output at 30 though so if you overlean and it can't catch you, there's no way you're running off at that speed. I'll had to severely pad up before attempting that.

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