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I'm in the Dallas area.  We have a facebook group for DFW EUC riders called Electric Unicycle DFW.   I typically will go on a Thursday night group ride with some one wheelers, but there are a few of us with EUC's.  We meet up in Richardson head to a restaurant for food and charge(if you need it) then head back.



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2 hours ago, RemySky said:

Sweet, I live in Richardson, so that's convenient.  I'm not on facebook.  Where do you guys meet?

We ride all the time as a group, but it's all coordinated through the Facebook group Jonathan linked above.  

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Hey guys. Just getting back into the forums. Been a crazy busy summer! No luck with other EUC’s. I have a group ride with some e-bikes on Sept. 29, but that’s all. I saw one guy on a one wheel, but that’s it for PEV’s in Fort Worth. There are a couple gotways on DarknessBot app. I’d love to go with the group, but Richardson is pretty far for me for a Thursday. Is there nice riding over there? The trinity trails are really nice over here.

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I'm River Legacy in Arlington daily.  Currently on a oneWheel, upgrading to  V12 HT coming this week.   
The mountain bike trails only allow pedal assist vehicles.  Bummer.   I'm looking for similar off road trails nearby in DFW.  Are there any apps or websites that list these trails and requirements anybody?

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