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  1. Subscribed, even though I don't need another wheel
  2. Yeah, the 84v with bigger battery that i've seen is white. But who knows, there could be 10 versions of this thing out there for all we know
  3. Really? It's double the battery of the KS16s. Seems odd to me
  4. Pretty sure only 100v is all black, at least I've never seen an 84v version that is black. The 84v 2000WH version I've seen is white
  5. Just got notification that my Nikola Plus 100v 1845 wh shipped
  6. Holly crap, 60 days? They say 11-17 days on the site.
  7. LOL, well I'm glad to hear you have experience with them, that makes me feel a little better about the deal. To hold me over I have a Nikola arriving from eWheels (Jason). I will ride the "old version" from eWheels until the Plus (100v 1845 wh) gets here and then the one from eWheels will go to my partner.
  8. Intelligent walking Store. I've emailed twice. Last week they said they are waiting on a part. Today he said it's in transit. They are being very vague. I said how can it be "in transit" when on my end it says it hasn't shipped. They haven't responded to that question. I'm guessing they put these up for sale before they actually had stock and when he says "in transit" maybe he means it is in transit to his store. The time difference makes it very difficult to communicate with them.
  9. I ordered the Nikola Plus 100v from Ali about 10 days ago, still hasn't shipped. They have two days to ship it before the order auto cancels and then it still has to make a journey across the sea. I've never ordered from Ali but I went into this order knowing it would probably never make it to the US :p This is the one I ordered but it seems he's since raised the price just a tad bit. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/2019-Gotway-Nikola-Plus-Electric-unicycle-Upgraded-version-100V-1845wh-motor-2000W-Max-55km-h-Off/33031534122.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.556d4c4dnPpU2V
  10. Ooooh, that was my confusion, I didn't realize there were 3 versions of the Nikola. Was thinking they just had the Nikola and Nikola Plus. There is the Nikola that eWheels sells, The "uprgraded Nikola" that you have to get from China and then the Nikola Plus that you have to get from China too.
  11. Now I'm really confused.... I'm a fool if I don't wait, but I should go for the Nikola over the Plus???
  12. Ok, sounds like waiting is the way to go. I didn't realize it also had a higher top end speed.
  13. If waiting time and the additional cost wasn't an issue would you go for the Nikola Plus over the Nikola? Since it's only a difference in the battery would the additional weight of the battery make the plus perform differently from the Nikola?
  14. I have never found any good elbow pads but following in case someone else has
  15. The lights look really nice! Looking forward to a review of the ride.
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