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  1. Interesting, I will have to read this a couple times to get the idea down before trying. I do have to say that you were the one that convinced me to try Gotway soft mode on my Nikola+ and it really is the best ride setting IMHO.
  2. Thanks for the explanation, pretty much what I was thinking, gotta gear up and test on your own, lol. Yeah, school of hard knocks usually has the answers. Was riding last night with a friend, he's been riding for about a year and rides daily. We're both pretty big guys, 210+ lbs. He was on his KS16s and I was on my Nikola + and while we were riding I was telling him how overlean is really the only thing that scares me about these wheels. As we were riding and talking he said "you know, a lot of times I'll do this...." and right at that moment he face planted and we were going about 15 to 20 mph. He got it pretty bad, and he said that is crazy, I do that all the time and this time the wheel dumped me. Good point, I agree, the only way to find the acceleration limit is to face plant. The onewheel has nosedives and the EUC has faceplants, but at least the onewheel warns you, kind of, although it doesn't really warn you from accelerating too quickly I guess.
  3. Aside from know this by actually attempting to accelerate/lean to fast/far to the point that the wheel just cuts out, how do you know the limits? I'm always worried that I'm going to over lean my wheel and there isn't any warning if you do this, the wheel just cuts out and you face plant. Does it just take time to figure out the limits? I feel like I'm not getting the most out of my wheel because I'm afraid to accelerate too fast, but not sure what too fast is
  4. I have both the 84v and the 100v. I haven't tried soft, I guess I will give it a shot, but if it does any forward dipping I'm sure I'm going to hate it.
  5. Was medium but think I like hard better, just switched to try and stop the pedal dipping
  6. Yes, I was going over a rough patch I believe, but I also think it was doing this on a straightaway too. I prefer it tilted back a bit in calibration, can't stand any forward dipping. Are you riding in Soft, Medium or Hard? What mode do you ride in Marty?
  7. Has anyone with the Nikola had it start dipping forward at high speed (20+ MPH)? It's the strangest feeling, it's like once I get going fast the pedals dip forward a few degrees. Is this a calibration issue? What's the best way to accurately calibrate this wheel? Place it on a stand, use a level, is it all that important for it to be perfectly horizontally and vertically aligned when calibrating?
  8. How is this done? Doesn't the wheel need to be touching the ground or else it will spin at high speed?
  9. I just bought a cheap android phone, used the android GW app and set the wheel up, now the iOS app works without crashing, so strange
  10. My voltage meter is working, 99.2 volts here
  11. Thanks but I’m using the right app, just crashes when clicking on settings. Can’t setup my wheel
  12. I have the same issue, did you ever get this fixed?
  13. The manufacturer chose to ship out chargers separately because they don't fit in the box. So who know where the hell my charger is, somewhere on a boat probably, thanks GotWay!
  14. Yep, it's at 99.2 Volts. But not even worth riding if I get the high and then can't ride anymore. I haven't gotten any tracking information on another package arriving from China so who knows where the hell it is. I'm just about done with GotWay, they suck!
  15. WTF, why would they do this? So I wait another month for the damn charger???
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