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  1. There are a few places water can (and in some cases, WILL) creep into the 16X and could create a dangerous situation for the rider. The most dangerous is water getting into the handle and shorting the lift sensor. You don’t want the lift sensor to activate while riding... The most common ingress of water is the power button and light area. Another area where water often gets in is around the mud flap. You can do some things to seal up the wheel. The easiest thing to do is seal up the mud flap, tape up the front panel with clear tape, and throw a bag on top to keep rain out of the han
  2. Has anyone tried the new firmware? I tried updating via SoftTuner, but it still shows firmware 2.02. Would love to see a fix for vampire drain.
  3. You know. I never thought about that, but a neck brace sounds like something worth trying. Get one and let us know if there are any reasons not to get one!
  4. Walked my wheel out of Walmart and the lady at the door asks for my receipt for my wheel. Hopped on and rode off and I hear some yell “how da fk did he do that??!” Best reaction, someone thought something like an EUC is sold at Walmart...
  5. Please use https://forum.electricunicycle.org/ignore/ to block out unhelpful/negative people who only stir up trouble and don’t build the community. Great topic by the way. Wind noise has been on my mind this summer when not wearing a full faced closed motorcycle helmet. My AirPods seem to help quite a bit when in voice mode to reduce wind noise and hear my surroundings Like others have said they tend to not stay in place well unless you clean your ears and the AirPods really well.
  6. Not 100%. I was about a mile (of max speed riding and stopping at stop signs) into a full charge.
  7. So... I learned a lesson today. I had my first cutout from braking too hard. I became too comfortable pushing the limits of my KingSong 16X. Riding hard. Braking hard. I came to a T in the road, already braking really hard. Looked left, then right, then as I’m close to fully stopped, I check left again as I’m deciding to slowly roll through the right hand turn and here comes a car doing 60 in residential. I’d cranked the wheel to stop the last 2 mph and backplanted. The wheel tumbled about 3 feet and got some scratches/dings and I was fine. So don’t push it with braking. Has anyon
  8. Hey guys. Just getting back into the forums. Been a crazy busy summer! No luck with other EUC’s. I have a group ride with some e-bikes on Sept. 29, but that’s all. I saw one guy on a one wheel, but that’s it for PEV’s in Fort Worth. There are a couple gotways on DarknessBot app. I’d love to go with the group, but Richardson is pretty far for me for a Thursday. Is there nice riding over there? The trinity trails are really nice over here.
  9. I’m not sure about a current alarm setting or what’s safe, but the top draw I’ve recorded was 52.03A. Looking through my history, in casual riding I’m regularly topping around 37A.
  10. I have an odd issue with FW 2.02 I am wondering if anyone else has experienced it. When streaming music to the 16X (via iPhone and Pandora, that’s all I’ve tested so far) volume will be low so I will increase it to ~80% and then a few minutes later it will go back to the low volume.
  11. If anyone in DFW is interested in group rides, feel free to message me!
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