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Premium Nikola Riding Pads?


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I’ve seen some premium euc riding pads lately that stick on the side of your euc.  Looks like it makes riding easier and more secure.  Anyone got any experience with these premium pads over those oval ones gotway includes in the box?  I think the ones I saw were from Europe or Russia and made of leather.  I don’t need leather, but seems like there should be some DIY templates out there.  Anyone got a link or two to something like that?

Also, looking for @Rockeytop for euc stand stuff.  

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you can make your own, to match your riding style / foot positioning, foot/leg size.
Use neoprene foam for it, similar to what Kuji Rolls did on his "How to jump an electric unicycle" Youtube video.
It would be making the base and then two extra pieces on top, one in front for accelerating and one on back for braking.
David Bull (https://www.facebook.com/david.solermula) did a nice one out of this material for his Gotway Monster.


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