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Kingsong 16x handle vibration


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Hey guys.  Just have a question about 16x that I am having issues resolving.  I have been riding EUCs for about year and a half.  Just picked up a 16x.  I noticed a growling noise immediately when riding out of the box at slow speed or idling.  I tried popping covers off and tightening pedal screws as per other forum discussions  about similar noises.  No change.  I have discovered it is only occurring when the handle is closed all the way.  Open handle so its 1 inch from closed, no noise at all.  Cant see any reason for this to occur.  Just wondering if anyone has had this issue and whether I have to take it apart and and check any specific components in the trolley handle?  Functionality is not impacted, just the constant grinding and vibration is annoying to deal with for a brand new wheel.

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