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  1. I had no issues. Just put in a pre-order for V11. Also in GTA.
  2. I ordered 16x from smartwheel. I recieved shipping notification from a company I've never heard of. Googled into it and read really terrible things. Got a little worried... The shipping company they use is actually terrible. Took weeks and they eventually lost it. I got a notification that the package was delivered and signed for, yet nothing delivered. I had to call and figure out what happened after dealing with useless customer service from shipping company for several days. Turns out they accidentally delivered it to a home hardware instead. I had to drive there and pick it up myself, because they wouldn't arrange the shipment. Will never order from smartwheel again. I ordered 16x replacement parts from ewheels after I had a cut out and they arrived within 36 hours, no issues. Jason was extremely helpful and responded same night. Exchange rate winds up being the same. Will only order from ewheels in the future.
  3. Was on the fence, but pre-ordered it. I kinda dismissed the V11 after the reveal and never thought inmotion could persuade me back from kingsong, but the praise on torque and balance tipped me. Picturing the V10 with better handling, speed and torque close to msx (with grip tape on the pedals) made me stop and think about how awesome this wheel could be. Have to give support to Inmotion on this as well for listening to literally every criticism on the V10 and actually implementing the changes people wanted. Need more companies to do this. Only concern is the battery life, wheel height, and a suspension that will likely be upgraded in second or third batches. Everything else seems better than anticipated.
  4. Review coming in 45 min according to kuji.
  5. Yeah the wobble isn't unbearable. Definitely still manageable. More the rim coming apart that is of concern, but I would think it would take serious impact directly on tre crack to do that. Wobble seems to peak around 20-30 km/h. How did you find the Nikola compared to 16x? I think I saw one of your vids where you were riding one. Looks like lots of nice places to ride in your area. Have yet to try a gotway wheel. They seem like a lot of fun to ride, and durable. Fit and finish are kind of irrelevant at a certain point. If you ride them as they should be ridden, eventually you beat the shit out of them whether you want to or not. At which point durability is king. Everytime I buy a new wheel i say to myself "ALRIGHT this is the one. THIS one I keep pristine and never damage!". Never happens. Think it's just part of a riders journey to let that instinct go. After this crash and rebuild, I'll never bother again unless it is imperative to functionality.
  6. Yeah I also found 1.06 a bit off immediately. No incline. Was riding on a flat paved road. Took awhile to gain the confidence again to ride at higher speeds (also dropped max to 40 until healed fully). Right when I'm loving it again and feeling confident....cracked rim. I feel like I'm stuck in the big lebowski. "It's ah..a bummer man. It's a real bummer!". Think it was just a 1 in a 1000 unlucky angle when hitting the sidewalk. Concrete was probably just cut ahead of paving and had a sharp 90 degree angle. Rim just couldn't take it. I agree I dont want to sink anything into it. Hopefully it's still reasonably safe to ride. It wobbles a bit now, but I can live with it as long as I don'tdie riding it. I still love the 16x, so it's painful. I don't have the heart to take tire off to look how bad crack is right now. For next wheel I am cautiously looking at the S18, but it's not really a great time to buy a new wheel. I have a feeling the pain of early adoption will be high on these suspension wheels (that being said, if I had suspension my rim would be perfectly fine right now). The buyers remorse of buying a non suspension wheel may also be a vengeful bitch once improved second gen suspension wheels are released in a year or two. It's a dilemma.
  7. Thinking of just riding it until rim tears apart and I face plant again. Then buy new wheel.
  8. Mine came with the 1.4 board and firmware 1.06. I upgraded to 1.07 within first week. Yeah I got the 4 beeps 88% power alarm. Did not do an aggressive lean or turn. Just dropped immediately after. I know exact speed I was going because I was literally passing a digital speed sign on the road. I remember looking at the big 45 km/h before having the "oh shit" moment when I realized exactly what was happening. I'm not overly heavy rider. Around 185 lbs. Gotta say I have trouble trusting the build quality on the 16x now. My rim hit curve during that crash and bent. Sure enough I could see rim cracked wide open once tire was removed. Fair enough, to be expected. Was a high speed crash on pavement. No biggie. Was riding last week on the brand new motor, 40 psi in tire. Hit a construction area where they were repaving road, so sidewalk had a couple inch drop. I was riding around 20 km/h and hit it, bumped up over no problem. Again, thought nothing of it. Start feeling a wobble on ride home. Get home and check rim, and again rim dented right in. Visible crack. Almost exact same as the crack that happened during crash. I just don't get it. Never had that issue on any other wheel. Was not riding aggressive and psi was high enough. I know if I take tire off I'll see the exact same tear on the rim. Not sure if this is a common 16x problem, but christ these should be able to handle it. Super upset. One month later and again, motor is shot. I dont even know if I want to bother replacing again. Too much money and despair to sink into the same wheel.
  9. Rebuild was pretty smooth actually. Only a couple things I would mention to anyone doing same. As you said, the trolley handle mechanism for lift sensor is not the same on newer inner shells. I adjusted the spring tension tighter on lift switch than it was stock. I personally find it does not rattle it click as much with a few extra rotations on the screw. I used exterior foam for window insulation to line the front and rear panels to seal any gaps that were there on stock model. Trimmed with a box cutter so the foam doesn't overhang the seams between the shell and panels. I also used window insulation wedges for the rear and front mud gaurds to seal off the gaps. Worked well and weatherproof material. I did more caulking than kingsong did as well. Also lined inner shell seam with duct tape over top of curved silicon sealant. Just as a backup. Use rubber to block off opposite unused speaker hole as well. Better than the shitty foam pad that came on it. The new padding for outer shell is also significantly better I noticed. Much thicker top pad. Noticeable difference when riding. I actually didn't notice building until I used it. Worth upgrading. I swapped out the foam under the control board as well. Used a softer thicker foam in combo with silicone sealant to make sure nothing would get through. Overall rides much better with new motor, and I think the soft foam lining has improved the creaking plastic sounds. Runs completely silent now.
  10. Fixed the 16x. The heat worked to strip bracket bolts. Used a hair dryer for 1 min. That was enough surprisingly. Much thanks for the tips guys. Only thing I missed was a broken LED strip. Will fix once this shit storm blows over. Tried it out, worked great. Made a few adjustments while I was in there. Mainly a soft foam coat around exposed edges. I noticed that there were some gaps around front and rear panels. Hopefully that helps with water issues. Also blocked off headlight and mud gaurd as suggested. Felt fucking awesome rebuilding it knowing I was in control of the quality. Terrible crash, but loved the rebuild. Glad it has a pulse again. Like a Phoenix, born from a shit storm of plastic embers, risen to ride again.
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=iimHJX2xF7E Kuji review.
  12. Correct. I need to get the hanger bracket off the motor. It is a hex head, and I have broken 3 Allen wrenches trying so far. Not sure what else to try. May have to order a new bracket.
  13. The only tricky part I have encountered so far on the build is getting the pedal hanger brackets off the old motor. Any tips on that? Can't get the torque by hand with a bum wrist.
  14. I did decide to go ahead and fix. Still love the wheel and don't want to give up on it. I am currently in process of rebuilding after disassembling all the components. Swapping everything to new inner shell. Jason at ewheels was awesome enough to help me get parts, including new motor. Was not possible to get them in Ontario right now with the lockdown. I was running 1.07 firmware, and board is V 1.4. Not sure if that is the old or not. The rim took damage from tire hitting curb no doubt. Fell on road, wheel wound up on the sidewalk. Think it hit curb, dented rim and cracked it, then bounced down sidewalk.
  15. Just goes to show you folks, wear protective gear. Would have likely shattered wrist or broke arm otherwise. Also made me realize how dangerous it is to wipe out at those speeds. Not for rider, but pedestrians. Wheel tumbled down sidewalk at least 60 feet. Lucky it never hit a car, house, or pedestrians. 50 pound wheel at that speed is a lethal projectile. Riding 60-70 km/h in urban areas seems insane to me now and that will always be a hurdle in legalization of EUC's.
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