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  1. Tried it without the saddle...still happening. This is frustrating.
  2. Will try this and see what happens. I have a feeling a screw was loose inside and has now snapped. I sent videos to ewheels and will see what they say. Not riding it until this gets figured out. Knocking/clunking sound gets worse each time I use it. If they don't have any suggestions I might have to open everything up and see if something came loose in there.
  3. Anyone know how to do the horizontal calibration on the V11? Do you do it while resting on kickstand or drop it forward onto fender like past inmotion wheels? Side note; weird grinding/vibration chirp noise is now joined by a knocking sound coming from motor? Might have to strip this thing all the way down and see what's going on inside.
  4. No I've owned V8, V10, 16X. Even 16X I found made noise as well from the trolley handle. Stopped after using foam tape where handle contacts shell on top. Either way, I can handle fixing noise issues (if I can find them), but this is not a normal EUC sound. Something is definitely messed up inside. Just looking for clues as to where to look. Not exactly a typical wheel. I don't want to rip the whole thing apart to search if I don't have to. Also don't want to send back for diagnostic if I don't have to. Took forever to get here.
  5. Okay. Got my second batch V11 yesterday (FYI - fellow Canadians, ordered from ewheels and came in 24 hours. Duty was only 180 CAD...beauty). Anyway wheel is great, build quality phenomenal in person. Rides great. However I'm getting this horrible noise from it at low/moderate speeds. A vibration/whine noise. Checked screws (which some are noticeably loose on this batch fyi. Possibly to avoid overtighten issues from batch 1?) And they were all fine. Tightened any loose screws. No cracked plastic anywhere. Genuinely confused and wondering if anyone has had same issue? It's super annoying riding it as is. Almost sounds like bearing is making a grinding sound, but its brand new. 0 km before I got on. I took it out for a long ride tonight to see if maybe it's just something out if tolerance that needs to be worn down, but nope. It persists. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Other than that, wheel rides great. Definitely better than 16x in all regard. Handling is phenomenal. Surprisingly agile. Power seems endless. No beeps yet on ******FANCIER MODE******Love it. I will definitely brag about riding fancier from now on. 2 fast, 2 fancy. Lock up your ladies. Fancy feast is on the move. New chamber caps on batch 2 are great. Can't see it being an issue for offroad.
  6. At least you didn't fry the board and face plant into the rattlesnake. Look on the brightside.
  7. True not everyone does, but why take the risk on a high end wheel? I would personally prefer keeping it as close to new condition as possible as an experienced rider. Not to mention there is also the remote possibility you find out EUCs aren't your thing (which I personally find inconceivable for anyone who actually tries and learns, but you never know). I guess it boils down to whether you are a hobbyist or looking for a one time purchase. I kinda knew as soon as I tried the first wheel that I would inevitably have growing mutation of a collection. It's like I exposed my V8 to water and it turned into a V10. Then I fed it after midnight and all hell broke loose.
  8. Yeah I agree. Unfortunately you will destroy your first unicycle. You will watch in horror as it falls and gets scratched over and over again. Each time it falls...a little piece of you will die inside. I started with a V8, and I learned on pavement....with no cover. It sucks to see something so new and expensive immediately look like it's 5 years old. Unfortunately that's just part of learning. You will fall a few times, and it's a good thing. You have to learn how to fall or lose balance and try to recover before you should tackle a 55 km/h wheel. I would also recommend either getting a used cheap beater, or buying a cheaper new wheel that will eventually become your backup. I would also recommend always having a backup wheel. Sometimes shit happens and you just want to go for a rip on a unicycle. It's nice to always have one functional wheel in the house.
  9. I really like the rims on the motor. It's a shame it's hidden under shell.
  10. Any idea when second batch is supposed to start shipping?
  11. Beauty. Good enough for me. Sucks you had those quality issues however.
  12. How would you compare the ride quality to 16x? Hoping for similar ride but with added suspension.
  13. I always keep at least 2 at any given time. And I've always had the need for a backup for one reason or another. They are expensive machines (if bought new), so you might as well get your money out of them rather than sell for significantly lower than you paid. V10 is my back up wheel and it still works great. Also like to keep a second as a learner wheel if anyone ever wants to try it.
  14. I feel inmotion had to make a substantial pivot (far more than kingsong) to produce this wheel. They did many things out of their standard comfort zone to give consumers what they asked for. Steeper pedal angle, higher speeds, higher torque, bigger tire, complete design retcon. It's an impressive leap that most EUC companies don't typically make. Also getting the sense that the motor control on this will be an underdog feature. I have a feeling this new motor will be as worthy an upgrade as the suspension. Suspect it will be a beast.
  15. My spidey senses tell me this wheel will be dope. Think inmotion has made a real play with this one. I suspect V11 will come out on top of this first suspension debut. Probably not for the suspension, but for the wheel itself. Kudos to inmotion for coming out of the gates met by skepticism, and turning it around to deliver a wheel that no one (myself included) thought they could deliver. Super pumped to see the improvements implemented (peddle angle is awesome). Love kingsong as well, but I've had a few quality issues with the 16x that people should not have to deal with on wheels that expensive. I feel V11 will be pretty solid out of the box without required modification on later iterations. For that reason, investment in this wheel seems a much safer bet. Think it will remain relatively unchanged between batches, but S18 I can see going through multiple revisions.
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