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Inmotion P2f Charging Compatibility Question

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I have the P2f mini e-bike and I do Postmates, Ubereats, etc in NYC. Not always able to find a place to charge it, and when it’s nice out I want to chill outside and just charge it while I work on my writing, yes I am a struggling writer obviously. I was looking at portable power banks that go for like100$-200$ that have AC three prong outlets or whatever they’re called, where I could plug in. Says they jumpstart cars, chRge computers, even power and play a tv.... So my question is, is there a powerful enough power bank to do this? How many mWh?



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57 minutes ago, Beemoney said:

So my question is, is there a powerful enough power bank to do this? How many mWh?


your ebike has 23.2Ah * 36V = 838.8Wh of battery (from the Inmotion site). Compare that to the power bank battery size (Ah * nominal voltage = Wh).

I expect any reasonable battery size to cost more than $100-200. Batteries are expensive.

A probably more price effective alternative than a generic power bank might be a dedicated extra 36V ebike battery (just google "36V ebike battery", plenty of results). You just need to figure out how to build it into your bike, connect it, or charge your bike from it. Maybe there's some kind of charging adapter for existing 36V batteries, or something? Someone must have tried to extend an ebike battery before...

Check prices and capacities (in Wh) and what's available to see if there's an option that makes sense for you:)

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