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I need electric unicycle second hand

Dahiana Gomez

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Hello everyone! I live in Sydney and I am looking for an electric unicycle but it has not been easy to find one.  My budget is not very high but I would like to know if someone knows from which website or business premises they can get it, or if someone suddenly knows a person who is selling it.  Thank you

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Gumtree and ebay for cheap used ones or ring skater hq in Sydney to see what thet have to offer.Do a bit of research to see if u want a cheap used basic euc or jump in with a brand name that will get u through the learning process and u wont have to upgrade.

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If you buy second hand here are some pointers what to look for.

1. bent rim, tire spins unevenly, shows previous history

2. battery charges fully or not, a bad battery often doesn't show as 100%

3. motor pulls evenly (try going up a steep slope very slowly,  if it's in good working condition there's no jerkyness)

4. noise, water intrusion, signs of rust


Also, for safety reasons I don't suggest that you use a wheel at it's rated maximum. If you aim for 30km/h then get a wheel that can do 35, and so on. If you use it at it's max there's a good chance one day after many miles you'll push it a bit too hard and crash needlessly.

Also low power means slower stopping ability. Riding in close proximity to other vehicles can be dangerous with a low power wheel because of this.

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