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Seeking USA repair people for business partnership - pro or amateur


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Hey guys

I am seeking to make more contacts around the country who would be willing to work for us on warranty repairs for people who have purchased unis.

I run a site called ElectricUnicycleReviews.com. We review and test all different brands of micro unicycle, and also sell brands which meet our safety and quality standards. Lately, King Song unicycles are the brand we are most excited about. They're awesome, but every manufacturer has units that need a little extra attention.

The main tasks would be as follows:

1. Replace main board or battery, or maybe an occasional motor with a provided part

2. Repair flat tires

3. Replacing casings and other parts; reassembly.

We will provide parts and repair manuals, and video when possible. We also will take care of shipping arrangements for the units. I don't need someone who is super experienced necessarily; just someone who can handle the job.

We can work out an appropriate rate. This would provide a trickle of repairs, and would be nice as a side gig for someone who wants to earn some extra money.

First, I need to find a few people in Northern California, but I am also interested in talking to people elsewhere in the country to reduce shipping costs for repairs for customers.

Anyone who wants to be involved, please email me at email@electricunicyclereviews.com

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