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  1. KS-14c outer shell. One half black, one half white. Headlight/tail light covers - red color Trolley handle Metal unicycle stand Usb firmware flash tool for early king song unicycles I need it all gone! Make me an offer on private message.
  2. I want a 10" unicycle in good condition. OR TWO! I wanna ride it! Hit me up in private message CASH!
  3. Man, I'm so sorry -- The board I have is a battery protection circuit. I thought I had the right part :/
  4. I only ever carried 800w units, except a couple 500w at the very beginning. I think they all shared a family of control boards. This board should work fine; don't see why it wouldn't. It's not a pull from another uni, it's a spare part in a static free bag from the factory. To clear up a question earlier in the thread, the 520wh was indeed a factory version, though not super popular. I was the first to import both 14" and 18" King Song units in quantity to the US, so I offered a couple versions no one else ever did. The 680wh 18" sold a lot faster so I took a 520wh for myself and stopped
  5. @CMonk I didn't know market rate for that main board was so high right now. I can't leave you hanging. Email me if you want that board. I want to offer you the control board I have, but it will be a loss for me because I can't repair the one 18" unicycle I have, so I can't do it for free. Maybe we can work something out if you're interested. Let me know.
  6. OK I lowered some of the prices, and added everything to the store on my site so you don't have to message me to buy the last things.
  7. Fantastic! You will learn to love the sound. It is the normal king song song. Very happy that you're happy. @Philip W
  8. No more KS-14 C in new condition. See list for available items. Make me an offer via private message! I want these being ridden/used
  9. @kasenutty Glad you used your first 1/4 charge hahaha
  10. @esaj You are one of the coolest people I've ever encountered. Thank you for the well wishes, to you and to everyone sending them. It was a great adventure!
  11. @LanghamP 3 more left! I recommend to get your order in if you want one. Going to post office later today.
  12. Got it Phillip! I learned a lot. Happy I did it. Made lots of people happy and got them riding. Down to the last couple unis! Get em while they're hot.
  13. @jrkline I'm sorry J. You were a good customer and I left you hanging. This all really got away from me. I have a KS-14C that needs repair I can give you, which contains an 800w motor if you think you can switch it. Send me an email.
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