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Lenovo connectors, twin split for 18xl?


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Could such a ready soldered connector take 5A ? The wires are thin but there are two per polarity.

I’m looking at adapting a 9A charger for my 18XL, getting it with a xt60 connector, then adding a parallel split with two Lenovo.

My soldering iron being chunky, something already soldered to the connector would be helpful..


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I had this exact idea and secured a version of what you pictured from Ebay. I was not at all impressed that what was supplied will pass the desired current in a continuous manner for charging. It's ironic that the wire in the male leads I was going to use in my harness is adequate, but the device mounted female harness has weeny wires. The wire sets aren't all parallel, either. There is the mirror of the outside of the plug, the inside wall of the plug, and the center pin. You/we might go digging around in a Digikey or Mouser catalog. If they don't have it, I don't know who would.


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Thanks for the info, they (the wires) looked a bit thin from the picture. I’ll dig some more and hope I can find something ready soldered. Just too bad 99% will be done for laptop power.

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