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Wanted picture or video KS digital lift senor system


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I am rebuilding my KS18L first batch into a new structure. Do anyone have picture or video showing how the digital lift sensor switch assembly look like? I got the parts that should fit into the new structure but I think I am missing something. 

I just hoped someone might have taken a picture of this from a KS18L/XL v2 (released after KS16X) or KS16s v2 or KS16X. All those show have the digital lift system. 

Note: for it to work I also have a small pcb that translate the digital signal I to an analogue signal for the control board to understand the sensor information. 

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I think I just found the reason to why this doesn't work. 

I bought the structure from Speedyfeet who stayed it should be the latest batch version. But I doubt it now after looking at this picture from Ecodrift of the KS16X 


I don't have any area where the switch would fit. I am told that new structures for KS18XL have groove for the switch. 

This is how my structure looks like. Hard to photo black parts though. 


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