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[Resolved] Want to Buy: Gotway Tesla (SF Bay Area)

Denny Paul

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no used deals available, so IĀ got antsy and bought a new one from ewheels! šŸ‘šŸ¼

Hi all,

My budget is around $850Ā for aĀ used Tesla in good condition. Please post version,Ā mileage, price, relative condition, and anything else noteworthy. OfĀ course the more modern carbon fiber-y 1020wh is ideal cause the cutoff switch,Ā but either versionĀ is fine.Ā If you have a beater that needs a new tire or some other TLC,Ā I might be interested depending on the circumstances.

I dunno if this is the normal courseĀ for others, but I started just a couple months ago and Iā€™veĀ surprised myself how much IĀ REALLY enjoy the crap out of em! Hoping to keep the good times going!:thumbup:

Feel free to post purchaseĀ advice, pricing opinions, or otherwise,Ā thanks!


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No longer in the market
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2 hours ago, Coastal Rider said:

Hi Paul I got a tesla with no more then 100 miles. For $1200 firm. it is the v2 with speaker and lift switch. It is in excellent shape. I'm in the Ventura county California area.


Thank you, but thatā€™s over what Iā€™m looking to pay. Good luck with the sale.Ā 

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