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18XL ”glitches” forward 6 minutes after start


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My brother has found out that his few month old 18XL (fw 1.13) does a glitch on every ride. The wheel quickly pitches forward causing quite a scare, and keeps this new position as stably as it did the one before the glitch. As if the calibration setting suddenly switched to a new position few degrees more forward.

The glitch happens every time at the same spot on his regular trip, so last time we timed our ride, and it happened exactly 400 seconds (6min 40sec) after starting up the wheel.

The glitch doesn’t seem to be caused by the riding style or speed, and it does not play any alarms when it happens. He hasn’t yet tried if it happens on other riding modes.

I remember my 16S doing something similiar, but since I hardly ever ride it anymore, I don’t remember if it still does it with the current firmware.

Has anyone else noticed the same on the 18XL?


This actually could be the bug mentioned here: https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/16318-will-the-18xl-firmware-update-bug-ever-be-fixed/?do=findComment&comment=278522 That would mean that a fix could be on it’s way already.



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