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pin information on charging port of tesla V2 ...


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is there anyone out there in euc land that is familiar with the charging port of the gotway tesla, orig or V2 ?

i would like to reuse my ewheels 84V charger (used on my glide3) for charging my tesla V2.  the glide3 uses a 12mm gxplug,  the tesla, a 16mm gxplug.  that is not the prob.

the problem is that i dont know which pins the ground and power wire use in the charging port of the tesla.  if anyone is familiar with the wiring and connections of the charging port for the

tesla,  please provide the pin-in information along with polarity.

thanx !


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1 is +   positive 

2 is -   negative 

3 not used 

4 not used

The pin number locations are different on the 16mm  so make sure you are looking at the 16mm and not the 12mm when making the new cord. 

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