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Can't Set Tiltback


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I've just replaced the main board in my Monster and by default the tiltback seems to be set at some speed around 20-25 km/h.

I've tried both the old Gotway app I had installed on my phone as well as the new app that now appears on the Play Store (as well as Sebastian'c EUC World app) but none of them seem to be able to change the setting. It's also worth noting that although all three seem to display the speed, battery level and mileage covered perfectly none of them seem to be able to change the light setting either. What can I do?

While the monster travels along great at less that 20 km/h limiting it to such speeds really only makes it suitable for short commutes which, you know, really is not the monsters forte. Any suggestions?

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Hmm. Well not exactly sure what has happened but I seem to have been able to increase the tiltback speed.

The app gives such incredibly poor feedback that it's all but impossible to determine what it's actually set to but I was able to push my speed to 35 km/h today (double beep warning) without tiltback so I guess I've either managed to disabled it or set it to a more reasonable speed. Not exactly sure what I did but it seems to be working for now.

The light however is always on and even pressing the power button won't disable it or make it flash. As it is I don't particularly care about the light but man it makes you uneasy when this stuff just doesn't seem to work as it should.

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Setting the tilt back the first time can be tricky. I had the same problem when my wheel was new.   Keep in mind that switching apps can change the tilt and speed settings too. I found that out when switching between the GW app and the DarknessBot app. 

The light staying on is another matter. My KS16S did that once when the switch got wet. 

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