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  1. It's easy to blend things together but it was actually @Yxzygäilijä who had the weld cracking problem. Different person, different problem, just happened to mention it in this thread 😉 To be honest I'm not exactly sure how it is that Gotway attach the disk to the collar but what every they do it doesn't appear to be welded and in my instance at least that part didn't actually fail.
  2. Thanks @mrelwood Unfortunately their response was: ""Sorry, we had no the MSX motor now".
  3. To be fair, the disk isn't meant to contain the expanding loads of the collar, the collar itself should be more than capable of holding force from the key. As I understand it the disk is merely meant to stay attached to the collar and not allow the collar to "spin" inside the disk (which it actually did fine in my case). Perhaps the collar is too thin around that keyway, or more likely this one had a manufacturing fault and there was a crack or something in that corner where it looks like the split began. In fact if you look closely at that last photo it actually looks as if there is a little rust inside the top part of that split indicating it had no doubt been "open" a while:
  4. Just took some more photos of the failure and you can see that the collar just kind of "scrunched up" the sheet mettle of the disk part of the motor: And here's another photo the split keyway just for good measure:
  5. I believe so. I've also just sent an email to: begode11@kebye.com (which I got of the kebye website) and was surprised to receive a reply just now. Will see how it goes.
  6. I don't know anyone directly but I could always employ the services of a freight forwarder (though that seems excessive). I have actually tried to contact Gotway directly but after two weeks haven't received a reply. Guess I'll try again. They're not a particularly easy company to get in contact with. Any suggestions on the best way to actually contact them?
  7. As discussed in this thread I have an MSX with a motor that completely pooped its pants and needs replacement, but I'm having a surprising amount of trouble finding one. While Jason from eWheels has them listed for 290 USD: https://www.ewheels.com/product/18-2000w-motor-msx-msuper/ unfortunately he won't ship here to Australia. The only other place I can seem to find it is on Green Fashion's AliExpress store for 350 USD. As it is I've been far from enamoured with green fashions service and just kind of find it galling to pay 60 USD more than what Jason is charging for what has proven to be rather substandard service. Anyone know of anywhere else I could get such a motor?
  8. Yeah, I'm after something like this MSX guard, but for a Monster: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3230717 The frame captured from the video above looks to be exactly what I'm after. Just need to workout where it came from.
  9. By the way, it seems we both have paw prints on out wheels 🤭:
  10. Thanks @EMA I can find this model: But I'm after more of a fender type cover as in the screen capture above. My main reason for wanting the guard is actually to try to prevent things from being drawn into the wheel rather than to prevent mud being thrown up as such. This is because one time I actually had the tail of my coat get caught and drawn in leading to a rather nasty accident.
  11. Any progress on this? After successfully printing a mud guard for my MSX I'm now looking for a similar design for a Monster. As it is I just happened upon this video (which is about playing sounds) but the rider seems to have a rather nice 3D printed mudguard on what appears to be a Gotway Monster: Anyone know what that is?
  12. Oh, fair enough. Yes, I did miss that: 😊 My failure wasn't due to a lack of welding though, or at least I don't thing it was. I'm only guessing but it seems it was due to the collar itself simply not having enough integrity. True packing it with weld may give it more integrity but honestly, the collar itself should have been able to handle it with out being needed to be welded.
  13. They shouldn't need welding at all. Just a shaft key should be plenty.
  14. Well, yes. That's basically the problem.
  15. Thank you @ugoaps, that was exactly the the kind of information I was after. It's a shame Daniel Kot is not willing to let us know the details of the product he's pushing. It definitely leaves me feeling a little uneasy.
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