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EUC rental in Lisbon Portugal


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I am interested in renting EUC in Lisbon. I am coming this Saturday 26th Oct. I plan to use it all Sunday and then return on Sunday evening or Monday morning. For sure I can leave the agreed deposit.

I weight 100kg so I need something more powerful like 18L, V10, Z10 or MSX. Personally I ride Z10 and 18XL.

 Kindly PM me or send email to kazimierasm at hotmail dot com if you know anything or can offer such rental.

Kind regards,


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Hi Mario,

many thanks for your reply. Having no contacts in Lisbon, Z6 for me would be a fantastic choice. Let me know how should I reach out to you. Unfortunately PM is not working in this forum until certain number of posts are reached.

You can also reach out to me via email: kazimierasm at hotmail dot com




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I was just in Lisbon in February for a couple of days on my way to Geneva.  I too looked for someone.  There are plenty of Lime and other scooters trashing the city, and they ride terribly on their tile and cobblestones.  What I ended up renting for 3 hours was a Steez bike with my son, and we had a blast.  They have a huge battery, and motor had no problems powering my 220lb frame up the hill all the way to the castle.  It was half price for us as it was during slow tourist period, so it was the same price as a Lime scooter.  Sure I would have preferred my EUC, but this was a fun change.


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