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  1. Peteshmete

    GT16 1036wh - fixed version

    Is this true....Barrryyyyyy ?!!? Yiiiiii!! Thanks for the info....i m not too sure how up to dat it is...as i went to check their profile and Neither has been active in the past 8months or so. Fingers crossed
  2. Peteshmete

    GT16 1036wh - fixed version

    Old post but...lets see if i can revive it🤪 Does anyone know where to get proper info on the gt16? is there a v4...how can we easily know which is v2 or v3? Will they(Rockwheel) have a website that is current? Are they coming out with a v4 (or even a fully new wheel 16”)? Oh , and last but not least....if anyone hears of a gt16 for sale i would like to hear about it too....please. thx Ride with respect and ssafely (the ss is to show that you can still be fast but safe😉)
  3. Peteshmete

    [SOLD] Rockwheel GT16 84V 2000W - Europe

    Wao...what a great deal! i don’t understand why Rockwheel isn’t catching on more....the company seems to have given up too; if you search Rockwheel now all you get is that digging machine and even the Rockwheel.cn website is obsolete (no current model or info)....thats just too bad. Anyways, enough of my ranting.....keep rollin’!
  4. Peteshmete

    [SOLD] Rockwheel GT16 84V 2000W - Europe

    Darnit...oh well, thats good for you! thanks alot for all the updates AND attempts ?
  5. Peteshmete

    [SOLD] Rockwheel GT16 84V 2000W - Europe

    I dunno how to PM so i will just post here...AGAIN? But it gives ur posting more attention anyways so...why not.? i was wondering what if you post it the regular way(but with battery removed)....it would be cheap and fast. and then shipping battery only would be maybe a 1/3 of the initial price they quoted you...shipping by sea(will be slower but i dont mind). hehe....u cant say i m not persistent?
  6. Peteshmete

    [SOLD] Rockwheel GT16 84V 2000W - Europe

    Darn....i cant believe it....so near yet so far....hehehe!! Have you tried just regular mail(for shipping to Canada)? Or, since these have 4 batteries...shipping with only one or 2 and sending the others separately? hehe, i am sorry for being so persistent but...i just know that some of their rules have to do with WH and since its 858/4 its a better possibility for us....and , i loooove this wheel;) Again, no pressure (and/or no hurry), i am just trying to explore ALL avenues;) Thx
  7. Peteshmete

    [SOLD] Rockwheel GT16 84V 2000W - Europe

    Darn! That IS crazy! I m not able to do that. once again thank you soo much for trying. very best of luck!
  8. Peteshmete

    [SOLD] Rockwheel GT16 84V 2000W - Europe

    Darnit...those 7 basterds....haha, just kidding. thanks for the honest info and for trying for shipping. good luck again...lets hope they all outbid each other to 1000...hehehe
  9. Peteshmete

    [SOLD] Rockwheel GT16 84V 2000W - Europe

    2 things. 1st did u notice if the wires from motherboard to motor are bigger than they used to be(i think i heard this has happened since v3)? 2 i am in no hurry ....so shipping by freight(boat) is fine . I am just putting this out there......to give us more options. in any case...good luck thx
  10. Peteshmete

    [SOLD] Rockwheel GT16 84V 2000W - Europe

    Oh, this is my dream wheel...why arent u in canada?! Hehe! would you consider shipping it to Vancouver, Canada? if so, how would we work it out (and/or the auction)? thx
  11. Yeah, i think Jason (ewheels)has sold out...as i had been watching for a while and haven’t seen it in his “shop”. i guess i will just have to keep ?.....?? thx
  12. Yup....Canadian i am?....but as mentioned, i can go to states(pretty much anyone) if a good opportunity(wheel) is offered. thx
  13. Hello, i would love to buy a Gotway MCM5 or a gt16.....i am realizing, after about 2years or riding(on n off) that i prefer small wheels more maneuverability and twerkiness (yeah, I said it...;) and i cannot find either. The only one i know of is Marty....who has an mcm5......I want ur wheel Marty...i am comin’ after uUUU Marty...hehehe, just kidding. if anyone finds one or knows of one ....please , point me in the right direction....i am in Vancouver ?? but can EASILY travel(and i mean SUPER easily)! Thanks
  14. Sorry, i posted the previous reply in the wrong post....not for dualtron