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  1. I have been on the sherman and i own an msp.....HUGE difference in torque(get off the line n go...) in favor of msp then as momentum comes into play sherman catches up n swoosh around 55 kph the msp rider will throttle back while the sheman guy can keep trying to torque(reasonably)....so if u want get up n go (go4msp) if u wanna get there faster and its far on long stretches (go4slightly bulkier Sherman) msp: i am(was> 180lbs [85kg] and NEVER able to overpower it (make the wheel flinch) sherman : same weight and faceplant if overleaned
  2. Thanks for your patience While dealing with all my questions btw! Just thought i would give you a bit of feedback....very nice wheel and pleasant interactions 👍🏾
  3. what do u mean by "looks familiar" ? it is the wheel of a friend? or you think it might be "illegitimate "? or??? i might be interested jonathan_838@hotmail.com
  4. I think Ema answered perfectly...i had not noticed...pendulum vs 0kph
  5. I don’t understand how(unless Fantomas is a giant) Kuji can have such a big difference ....2.3 vs 4.86 for 0-50
  6. Ok, thx...yeah they are ALL gr8....i m just not sure i wanna buy yet(i just KNOW gotway’s got something in da works for a 16”...well, at least, i HOPE) THX BUUUUUUDDY
  7. Hey , wheelFreakyTuesday....how u doin? how much u askin. 4 ur nik+(and is it the 21700 batts.....and while im here 😉 ...i might as well ask about ur 16x(price and whcich tire it has on it). TIA
  8. Darnit ....dats ANOTHER gr8 deal ur offering.....oh, man! If i had the dough i would get it 4my daughter.
  9. Yep....thats the way to go to measure real power of a wheel.....u get a graphic curve of when n where the most (and least) power occured. i don’t understand why they all (EUC companies ) dont have this setup .
  10. Thanks i think when igot it it was a 1.05so🙁....but I just updated mine to 2.02....does dat mean its a v3 Now🤣😂😅
  11. Btw Eric....would u know how we can tell if the 16x is v2 or v3? i have never checked which one mine is?
  12. No, Eric, its me... i was being sarcastic....cuz its clear that u had good price(ESPECIALLY for folks in the States(they basically save on the exchange rate🤭)). i am sorry u didnt know it was me and u misinterpreted...i hope nobody else did.
  13. I deleted this post cuz i realize how it may have sounded to non-related peeps. sorry , i have a VERY sarcastic sense of humour.
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