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  1. Yes, that 14m indeed looks interesting... its not a storefront...he does demos and trials at that place but need appts.
  2. This guy is very close to me in Vancouver (and consequently you) his prices are very good(CAD) AND with U$ being what it is its a gr8 deal 4u https://www.vaneuc.com/webstore/en/?s=201801
  3. Nice...pics ? i am guessing this is the 100v?
  4. Yes, i am guessing Tumbla.jr is wondering if charger or anything else comes with the wheel. As well it would be interesting to know why batts were removed and if everything was functional before removal....and the condition and maybe pics.
  5. It HAD 700miles on it (old motor) or it HAS , now that u changed the motor(on this new one)? why did u have to change it? thx
  6. JEAN , I forgot to ask if you would know a website with accurate Rockwheel info...such as v3 had THESE chages done ...and the 1036wh version was only since v3(so if we see a 1036 for sale it should most likely be a v3)? TIA
  7. How many miles n condition? And any other tidbit...😉
  8. Yourtoys7 might have a wheel(prob not a v8 but he is local for u)....he usually has a few wheel as we all do...he sold me my last one and its gr8.
  9. Wow...it is gorgeous. maybe we should have an art comp...marty’s reds(m10 as well) against yours. ...hehe, jk...both r real nice
  10. Thx.....Fixed...by adjusting the level of calibration.
  11. Question: to both of you: youtoys7 and Mike AND anyone for that matter. i have always noticed that some wheel tilt fwd at slow speeds when one turns...both of my wheels are mcm5 and only one does it(yours Mike) so obviously there is a setting that disables that. Yourtoys7: ur wheel does not do that....do u remember if it has always been the case or did u disable that somehow. i do not like it so i would like to disable it on Mikes old wheel. EDIT. After thinking about my old wheels and how they had behaved i did some trying things out today and... ANSWER: CALIBRATION fixes it(depending on HOW u calibrate(tilt fwd , aft or flat)🤓😉🤗
  12. Hey , i just received YOUR(well, now, mine)toy Mike.....ANOTHER nice mcm5....DATS RIGHT FOLKS....i just bought 2 mcm5’s.....who’s next? I told u Marty: i m coming after u(urs is my next purchase) ...i will drain the market and then flood it....hehehe, just kidding. I just HAD to buy them..both nice wheels and pocketrockets. Oh! I forgot to ask you Mike Paolini: did u Slime that tire? Thanks again for your generosity in those last moments !!! Karma is coming your wayyyyyy🤗!!!
  13. Thanks yourtoys7... i received ur very nice mcm5 today....it feels soooo stiff(just like my old tesla); i like that.... battery might end up being a bit small for me and the handle isnt as sturdy as the tesla's was but still pretty good. And i love that cutoff button! Thx
  14. There is a guy in Vancouver who has(at least he HAD ) oneand he bought a 18L(xl?)...his name is Jason(if I remember correctly)....i can try n see if i can get a hold of him and i’ll let u know(it might take a week or so).
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