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  1. Peteshmete

    Trade/Sell Gotway Tesla 84V

    Wao! Thats a nice , clean wheel(for 2000miles)....both of those wheels have their value....i LOVED my Tesla. Having ridden a z10 a few times ....i am still not sure if i like it(i can see some advantages but as a daily driver , idk. in any case ...good luck!
  2. I sent you a DM thx
  3. Woa, not much interest HERE!!...hehehe
  4. Version one or 2? Large pedals(2) and good handle and speakers(2)?
  5. Peteshmete

    Screws set for Inmotion V10

    Did u order from Inmotion themselves?...i think eventhough Ewheels is great Inmotion (directly)may be a good option...they seem to have many websites in US(i am in canada so its a bit simpler).
  6. Like new(less than 60miles) electric dual-hub motor with 4 modes eco, and turbo(both one wheel drive) or eco or turbo(with either in 2wd (awd) ).Extremely fast and agile off-road machineMax speed 65kph50km range ...battery 52v18ahNew and unique...only 2 in CanadaFull dual-suspension 3speeds dual disc brakes push kick scooterDualped f8 zero10x goped ninebot xiaomiThese are comparable to dualtron and a great deal in valueI am in Vancouver, BC, Canada and it might be tricky for me to ship this beauty....$1600...A rare bargain at this price It is the Upgraded version on this page. https://www.dhgate.com/product/speedual-10inch-dual-motor-electric-scooter/423951932.html#s1-9-1b;searl|3323964599Electric scooters and other rideables are quickly becoming more and more popular. As they offer a fast, fun and eco friendly way to get around (mmmmm seawall). If you're looking to jump on the bandwagon in a big way, the Zero 10X is the one for you. The Zero 10X escooter is loaded with features that place it squarely at the front of the pack. Honestly? It's probably more then you need, but the heart wants what the heart wants. And if you have a need for speed your heart wants a Zero 10X and simply nothing else will do.You'll have insane amounts of power for accelerating, and zipping up hills with the powerful dual 800 watt motors (2x800=1600 and 3200w peak). And there will also be tons of range and weekend fun with the 52v 18 ah lithium ion battery. The dual front and rear suspension coupled with the 10″ pneumatic tires offer the smoothest ride of any electric scooter on the market. Riding at night? Not a problem thanks to the bright front and rear lights. Perfect for both seeing where you are going and let others know you are there. Plus peace of mind braking, no matter how fast you're going. Feel confident that the front & rear disc brakes to bring you safely to a stop.
  7. Has anyone used this to send FROM US to Canada? thx
  8. Peteshmete

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Ps..can someone give an old man a clue on how to put the icons of wheels i have had and tried without looking like such HUGE PHOTOS(hmmm! They represent the nikola.....😂🤣😅) thx
  9. Peteshmete

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Whyyyyy? Is ...it ....so.....FREAKIN’ .....HUGE!!!.?? I love my gt16 because its compact and 16 and fast...even my Tesla was a bit on the bulky side for me. 16-17(fat tire) is perfect size wheel for me but this monstrosity is much bigger than the msx?!?!. 🧠 💥 i like that they used the msx board and wheel and the handle(as long as there is one i m fine ) and speakers are maybe a gr8 thing(if they have good bass and/or overall sound) and the killswitch button i like a lot.....but please shave off 2inches in depth and 2-4inches in height ...with is passable. heh! Just listening to myself there i sound like a spoiled , prissy little 1st world problem kid🤪 BUT COME ON....HEHEHE
  10. Peteshmete

    Unlocking Speed for Rockwheel Gt16

    Man, you make me feel dumb Chriull....hehe! thanks for all this knowledge. the next time i buy a wheel i will send u the specs so u can do these calculations for me and i will carry the graph and limit the wheel accordingly, hehe!
  11. Peteshmete

    Joined the Gt16 Family

    I just got one last week...i had been dreaming of one for about a year. i don’t get why this is not considered the top wheel(ridewise)😱....why the company is not listening to customers more...if they did and waterproofed it and had a built in(in shell) trolley and cutoff switch it would be top top....i love mine ....its sooooo maneuverable, agile and comfy. Speed is good , look is gr8, comfort and responsiveness is amazing....beeps could be louder(i have older version). The ONLY thing limiting me is fear of water ingress (but thats only cuz of what i have heard online cuz i opened it up and design isn’t bad(a seal would fix all))....I actually prefer it to all my wheels(including tesla and ks16s) ride and comfort wise)!! i LOVE IT and i dont care who knows(screaming at the top of his lungs on top of building)😏
  12. I can only tell you one thing....i do not know this store...but the fact they put on sale from $3999 to 1999 is pure falacy...these wheel sell for $1000-1400. Never have i seen a wheel(gt) at more than 1600. I would therefore NOT rrust them. thx
  13. Peteshmete

    GT16 1036wh - fixed version

    Is this true....Barrryyyyyy ?!!? Yiiiiii!! Thanks for the info....i m not too sure how up to dat it is...as i went to check their profile and Neither has been active in the past 8months or so. Fingers crossed
  14. Peteshmete

    GT16 1036wh - fixed version

    Old post but...lets see if i can revive it🤪 Does anyone know where to get proper info on the gt16? is there a v4...how can we easily know which is v2 or v3? Will they(Rockwheel) have a website that is current? Are they coming out with a v4 (or even a fully new wheel 16”)? Oh , and last but not least....if anyone hears of a gt16 for sale i would like to hear about it too....please. thx Ride with respect and ssafely (the ss is to show that you can still be fast but safe😉)