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  1. Has anyone used this to send FROM US to Canada? thx
  2. Peteshmete

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Ps..can someone give an old man a clue on how to put the icons of wheels i have had and tried without looking like such HUGE PHOTOS(hmmm! They represent the nikola.....😂🤣😅) thx
  3. Peteshmete

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Whyyyyy? Is ...it ....so.....FREAKIN’ .....HUGE!!!.?? I love my gt16 because its compact and 16 and fast...even my Tesla was a bit on the bulky side for me. 16-17(fat tire) is perfect size wheel for me but this monstrosity is much bigger than the msx?!?!. 🧠 💥 i like that they used the msx board and wheel and the handle(as long as there is one i m fine ) and speakers are maybe a gr8 thing(if they have good bass and/or overall sound) and the killswitch button i like a lot.....but please shave off 2inches in depth and 2-4inches in height ...with is passable. heh! Just listening to myself there i sound like a spoiled , prissy little 1st world problem kid🤪 BUT COME ON....HEHEHE
  4. Peteshmete

    Unlocking Speed for Rockwheel Gt16

    Man, you make me feel dumb Chriull....hehe! thanks for all this knowledge. the next time i buy a wheel i will send u the specs so u can do these calculations for me and i will carry the graph and limit the wheel accordingly, hehe!
  5. Peteshmete

    Joined the Gt16 Family

    I just got one last week...i had been dreaming of one for about a year. i don’t get why this is not considered the top wheel(ridewise)😱....why the company is not listening to customers more...if they did and waterproofed it and had a built in(in shell) trolley and cutoff switch it would be top top....i love mine ....its sooooo maneuverable, agile and comfy. Speed is good , look is gr8, comfort and responsiveness is amazing....beeps could be louder(i have older version). The ONLY thing limiting me is fear of water ingress (but thats only cuz of what i have heard online cuz i opened it up and design isn’t bad(a seal would fix all))....I actually prefer it to all my wheels(including tesla and ks16s) ride and comfort wise)!! i LOVE IT and i dont care who knows(screaming at the top of his lungs on top of building)😏
  6. I can only tell you one thing....i do not know this store...but the fact they put on sale from $3999 to 1999 is pure falacy...these wheel sell for $1000-1400. Never have i seen a wheel(gt) at more than 1600. I would therefore NOT rrust them. thx
  7. Peteshmete

    GT16 1036wh - fixed version

    Is this true....Barrryyyyyy ?!!? Yiiiiii!! Thanks for the info....i m not too sure how up to dat it is...as i went to check their profile and Neither has been active in the past 8months or so. Fingers crossed
  8. Peteshmete

    GT16 1036wh - fixed version

    Old post but...lets see if i can revive it🤪 Does anyone know where to get proper info on the gt16? is there a v4...how can we easily know which is v2 or v3? Will they(Rockwheel) have a website that is current? Are they coming out with a v4 (or even a fully new wheel 16”)? Oh , and last but not least....if anyone hears of a gt16 for sale i would like to hear about it too....please. thx Ride with respect and ssafely (the ss is to show that you can still be fast but safe😉)
  9. Yeah, i think Jason (ewheels)has sold out...as i had been watching for a while and haven’t seen it in his “shop”. i guess i will just have to keep ?.....?? thx
  10. Yup....Canadian i am?....but as mentioned, i can go to states(pretty much anyone) if a good opportunity(wheel) is offered. thx
  11. Hello, i would love to buy a Gotway MCM5 or a gt16.....i am realizing, after about 2years or riding(on n off) that i prefer small wheels more maneuverability and twerkiness (yeah, I said it...;) and i cannot find either. The only one i know of is Marty....who has an mcm5......I want ur wheel Marty...i am comin’ after uUUU Marty...hehehe, just kidding. if anyone finds one or knows of one ....please , point me in the right direction....i am in Vancouver ?? but can EASILY travel(and i mean SUPER easily)! Thanks
  12. Sorry, i posted the previous reply in the wrong post....not for dualtron