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  1. Do any of you know how to tell v3 from v2 and/or v1 just by looking at it?....i would like to buy a v3 but online its kinda tough to get “clear” communication with seller so i would like to resort to my own eyes from pics. tia
  2. Rain , snow , sleet or sun....thats when i wheeeeeel🤓
  3. Haha...no, as the OP says it IS the 800wh....it is NOT a certain youroldtoy😉 650wh(but the pads are😜)
  4. Unfortunately, because you are new to the forum, the personal messages are not possible (i THINK🤓). so we shall have to continue in the open😳....😅😂🤣 i am in Vancouver(Chinatown) are you close? thx
  5. Great condition Gotway with about 800kms and 2x iPS A 130s with less than 50kms for sale in Vancouver, BC, Canada. prefer local sale $1300CAD(mcm5)....... and $450CAD for the pair of ips (both are orange(not pink) including the bridge(takes 2secs to install or remove) to make them into a giant hoverboard)
  6. Yes, that 14m indeed looks interesting... its not a storefront...he does demos and trials at that place but need appts.
  7. This guy is very close to me in Vancouver (and consequently you) his prices are very good(CAD) AND with U$ being what it is its a gr8 deal 4u https://www.vaneuc.com/webstore/en/?s=201801
  8. Yes, i am guessing Tumbla.jr is wondering if charger or anything else comes with the wheel. As well it would be interesting to know why batts were removed and if everything was functional before removal....and the condition and maybe pics.
  9. It HAD 700miles on it (old motor) or it HAS , now that u changed the motor(on this new one)? why did u have to change it? thx
  10. JEAN , I forgot to ask if you would know a website with accurate Rockwheel info...such as v3 had THESE chages done ...and the 1036wh version was only since v3(so if we see a 1036 for sale it should most likely be a v3)? TIA
  11. How many miles n condition? And any other tidbit...😉
  12. Yourtoys7 might have a wheel(prob not a v8 but he is local for u)....he usually has a few wheel as we all do...he sold me my last one and its gr8.
  13. Wow...it is gorgeous. maybe we should have an art comp...marty’s reds(m10 as well) against yours. ...hehe, jk...both r real nice
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