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  1. Thanks i think when igot it it was a 1.05so🙁....but I just updated mine to 2.02....does dat mean its a v3 Now🤣😂😅
  2. Btw Eric....would u know how we can tell if the 16x is v2 or v3? i have never checked which one mine is?
  3. No, Eric, its me... i was being sarcastic....cuz its clear that u had good price(ESPECIALLY for folks in the States(they basically save on the exchange rate🤭)). i am sorry u didnt know it was me and u misinterpreted...i hope nobody else did.
  4. I deleted this post cuz i realize how it may have sounded to non-related peeps. sorry , i have a VERY sarcastic sense of humour.
  5. Would anybody KNOW if i can charge(16x) with 2 different chargers(1xstock 84.2v 1.5A and a fast charger 84.2v 5A)? AND/or do permutations such as 1.5A with 3A on the other charger 1.5A with 2A 1.5A with 4A 1.5A with 1A ??? TIA
  6. Nah, i think i need to get rid of 2or 3 wheels before i look for an oldie(but goodie)...as a matter of fact..before i look for ANYTHING 😅🤣😂. but thx for the heads up though.
  7. Do any of you know how to tell v3 from v2 and/or v1 just by looking at it?....i would like to buy a v3 but online its kinda tough to get “clear” communication with seller so i would like to resort to my own eyes from pics. tia
  8. Rain , snow , sleet or sun....thats when i wheeeeeel🤓
  9. Haha...no, as the OP says it IS the 800wh....it is NOT a certain youroldtoy😉 650wh(but the pads are😜)
  10. Unfortunately, because you are new to the forum, the personal messages are not possible (i THINK🤓). so we shall have to continue in the open😳....😅😂🤣 i am in Vancouver(Chinatown) are you close? thx
  11. Great condition Gotway with about 800kms and 2x iPS A 130s with less than 50kms for sale in Vancouver, BC, Canada. prefer local sale $1300CAD(mcm5)....... and $450CAD for the pair of ips (both are orange(not pink) including the bridge(takes 2secs to install or remove) to make them into a giant hoverboard)
  12. Yes, that 14m indeed looks interesting... its not a storefront...he does demos and trials at that place but need appts.
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