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  1. For when we have group rides in the GTA, they are mainly posted on our local Facebook group, as FYI. https://www.facebook.com/groups/gtaeuc/
  2. Anyone know where I can find a replacement case for my V3S+? Will a MSX case work (I'm thinking no because of physical batter shape)? I didn't find it on Ali Express, and the usual stores in Canada, US and Europe, so I was wondering if anyone happened to see one. Had a fall down a tree-rooted bumpy trail hill. I'm OK, but my shell is done.
  3. There's a few of us out there. Search #EUC and you'll find 'em
  4. I was just in Lisbon in February for a couple of days on my way to Geneva. I too looked for someone. There are plenty of Lime and other scooters trashing the city, and they ride terribly on their tile and cobblestones. What I ended up renting for 3 hours was a Steez bike with my son, and we had a blast. They have a huge battery, and motor had no problems powering my 220lb frame up the hill all the way to the castle. It was half price for us as it was during slow tourist period, so it was the same price as a Lime scooter. Sure I would have preferred my EUC, but this was a fun change. http
  5. Stick a stick in his spokes. Problem solved.
  6. Photos are out... neither picture of me are very flattering. The wide angle third pic on this page features Courtney and I's asses on the upper right. The next solo pic of me features my keg under my shirt https://www.flickr.com/photos/cityofmarkham/albums/72157711029222422/with/48781845983/
  7. Yeah, Courtney's feet were killing. Mine too on long stretches without resting. The only rest we had were at traffic lights, otherwise we shifted weight from one foot to another on those long stretches to get the blood flowing.
  8. Ok, so here's an update on how it all went down this weekend. I took your advice and thank you for it. It wasn't a cycling even where riders are numbered and chipped for performance. If it would, it would have caused an outrage. I rode with a buddy, not sure if he's on here. We got there early before the hoards of registrants. Got a little swag and energy bars and some chocolate frosting type energy squeeze thing. Weird. In the queue at the start line we got questions like how fast it goes, and can you keep up at a 30km/r pace, and did you know you've signed up for 60km? We
  9. Thanks to you and others who responded for shedding light on my previous negative experiences, and I will keep a positive mental attitude during the event. I'll just save any one liners for the a-holes not responding to kindness.
  10. So an event showed up in my Facebook feed, and I responded to the city that's hosting it if e-Bikes and EUC's are permitted, and they replied that we are welcome. Now I have several times over the years either surpassed road bikers wearing full spandex gear with them saying something snarky like I'm cheating or whatever they say with their pretentious hobby that's likely even more expensive than mine. I reserved my ticket for the longest range circuit the city has created, 60km, which my EUC has absolutely no trouble doing on one charge. Have any one of you done something similar, g
  11. Wherever I go on the wheel, a place to lean it on is always within a few feet/meters away, like a post, tree, bench, picnic table, garbage can, wall, etc. Rarely was there anything around me that it can't be leaned on... so that extra feature didn't resonate with me. I often join other players of Pokemon Go or HP Wizard's Unite, and a built-in stand feature I found redundant. So the useful part of that attachment is the mudguard... so maybe it's only worthwhile to print the mudguard part out, but even then, it can be cut smaller since my backside doesn't get wet with even half of that mudgu
  12. Had that one (3D printed) for a year and a half. It clipped on OK when I squeezed the sides. Honestly I rarely ever have it on. It's a pain taking it on/off depending on ride conditions. A mudguard I fashion out of black duct tape in 2 minutes works just as well keeping my ass from getting wet.
  13. Ano, ale od roku '68 jsem v Kanadě a rád bych jezdil příště, když navštívím svou domovskou zemi
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