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  1. Good to hear. Ordered it, and waiting for it to ship. Indeed I intend to ONLY use it for long rides, and use the OEM one when at home.
  2. So... how is everyone's new charger doing? I have an MSP HT now, and was surprised my range isn't as good as my older MSuper VS3+ with a smaller battery, likely because of 2500w vs1500w motors. I wanted to check how everyone's is before I order this one. Thanks!
  3. Sure, np. It's the one pictured in my profile. I've done 51.2 km/h on it, but that's faceplant territory. Set second beep on app to warn you at 35. Rental cost? Oldest gift card in your wallet that's gathering pocket dust or whatever
  4. Hi Curt, I have just seen your post now. I just got a new wheel today, so I have an 18" Gotway MSuper V3S+ that's now available that was super high end 4 years ago, but I guess on the upper of mid-range today. I also have a 14" Gotway MCM 2S from 5 years ago available, best suitable for kids to learn on as its speed isn't much faster than a hoverboard. I'm in Aurora.
  5. Nice wheel. How are you making out now? Just noticed your post. Join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/gtaeuc/
  6. .... and seeing this today and noticed all is well on Telegram lol
  7. For when we have group rides in the GTA, they are mainly posted on our local Facebook group, as FYI. https://www.facebook.com/groups/gtaeuc/
  8. Anyone know where I can find a replacement case for my V3S+? Will a MSX case work (I'm thinking no because of physical batter shape)? I didn't find it on Ali Express, and the usual stores in Canada, US and Europe, so I was wondering if anyone happened to see one. Had a fall down a tree-rooted bumpy trail hill. I'm OK, but my shell is done.
  9. There's a few of us out there. Search #EUC and you'll find 'em
  10. I was just in Lisbon in February for a couple of days on my way to Geneva. I too looked for someone. There are plenty of Lime and other scooters trashing the city, and they ride terribly on their tile and cobblestones. What I ended up renting for 3 hours was a Steez bike with my son, and we had a blast. They have a huge battery, and motor had no problems powering my 220lb frame up the hill all the way to the castle. It was half price for us as it was during slow tourist period, so it was the same price as a Lime scooter. Sure I would have preferred my EUC, but this was a fun change. http
  11. Stick a stick in his spokes. Problem solved.
  12. Photos are out... neither picture of me are very flattering. The wide angle third pic on this page features Courtney and I's asses on the upper right. The next solo pic of me features my keg under my shirt https://www.flickr.com/photos/cityofmarkham/albums/72157711029222422/with/48781845983/
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