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For those who have it, or who intends to acquire it, here is a small summary of my 5 220 Mi / 8,400 kilometers, (I'm the n ° 2 in the world ranking for this model:popcorn:great...)

I also have a Mini N3M240 ("Ninebot S"/ Ninebot Xiaomi Mini) with 4132 km / 2567 miles...

My rating for S Plus/Mini Plus : 8/10


Design : 10/10

for having the admiration of all people crossed and mine first - Headlight is perfect !


"Follow-me mode" : 10/10

for its precision, its customizable setting, its usefulness in everyday life


Battery quality : 10/10

to have cells in very good health after 8,000 Km


Screenshot_2019-10-03-08-29-18-670_com.mimod.ru.NINEBattery.png Screenshot_2019-10-20-17-57-39-510_cn.ninebot.ninebot.png Screenshot_2019-10-21-22-46-45-415_cn.ninebot.ninebot.png

Autonomy : 9/10  

for taking pounds, enough to not have too much pain in the feet


Quality-Strength : 9/10 

for having a serious accident and that he escaped unscathed


Waterproofing 8/10 

to have rainwater introduced in the cover camera and in the speaker of the steering


Firmware :8/10 

for some instabilities, bugs, and speed limitation (Please 20 ~ 22 Km/h)


Screws : 5/10

for having broken screws (steering shaft & hubcap), poor quality

20190912_142851.jpg 20190913_021742.jpg 


Weight : 5/10

for having had three tendonitis in the arms, by dint of carrying his 16 kg on several meters, every day


Tires : 5/10

for having had to change the original tires after 1,000 km, but they are easy to remove


20190912_141828.jpg 20190912_141839.jpg


Feel free to ask me questions ! :thumbup:

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