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KS Battery% vs BatteryVoltage


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I am relatively new to the EUC world (1st post).
After my Airwheel X8 bit the dust (battery issues),  I bought an KS16S recently and, in general, I am very happy with it. That said, I have not super thrilled with the way the KS computes Battery%. 

I have one of those rapid chargers that ewheels sells and, basically, the KS app was reporting that the battery was being charged to 100% no matter what settings I put the charger on (two knobs: 1/2/3/4,/ Amps, 80%/90%/100% Charge). Fearing that my charger was not functioning properly and being an engineer, I started collecting and plotting data from the KS App.  What I found is that the KS app has a stupidly simplistic formula for going from Voltage to Battery% Charge;

  • >65V
    • 100%.
  • <65v use following linear formula:
    • <65v Batttery% = 0.0666 * BatteryVoltage - 3.33 

This is the data taken over about 1000km so I don't think this is a fluke or an unrepresentative data set. If you look at the chart below (or the data below that if you want to do your own curve fit) you can see that the linear fit is beyond doubt; This is how KS is internally computing battery voltage. 

I don't particularly like this method because it muddles the water with respect to using the ewheels charger as a means to extend my battery life (which is my reason for using that charger -- I don't need the faster charge times, I just want my commuter wheel to go a 2-4X longer before needing a new battery). But at least with this data, I can see that the ewheels charge is doing what it is supposed to do (stop charging at less than 100% charge). So... Yay ewheels? :unsure:




battery% batteryV
98% 64.65
52% 57.83
60% 58.95
99% 64.87
51% 57.58
99% 64.86
57% 58.52
98% 64.68
85% 62.73
31% 54.71
99% 64.87
77% 61.56
42% 56.36
98% 64.74
59% 58.92
35% 55.24
99% 64.84
64% 59.65
99% 64.88
51% 57.71
99% 64.8
8% 51.23
99% 64.91
53% 58.00
99% 64.90
73% 60.94
37% 55.52
100% 66.32
81% 62.14
49% 57.39
98% 64.75
72% 60.83
53% 57.96
28% 54.13
100% 67.83
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