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18XL Shuddering fixed by removing shell


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Twice now I have had issues with my 18XL shuddering and jolting under my feet during slow-riding. Both times I rode the wheel until this problem became unride-able and then, upon removing the shell and replacing it, the wheel rode like new! My theory is that my shell (which is pretty battered and is missing most of it's fasteners) is pinching a wire, but I turn to the community to see if any of you have had a similar issue. I would love to pinpoint in on what exactly is causing the shuddering as it appears to come back every now and then. 

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Any looseness where the board or entire case of EUC can move in relation to the axle can cause shuddering. 

1) board loose in case

2) case loose on pedal hangers

3) pedal hanger loose to axle

4) Even axle loose in motor armature ( inmotion V8)

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