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  1. The handle on the Nik is a bit more usable, but also at risk of breaking if it pops out in a crash (add velcro to keep it in). The handle port on the MSX shell is terrible for allowing water in as well.
  2. You are doing god's work. I have been attempting the same in Boston and I thought we had it bad, but it doesn't get NEARLY as cold here. I guess I will have to stick to testing the cutting edge of waterproofing and road-salt resistance because we have a ton of that! 2,100 all-weather miles on my 18XL so far and it has been a champ.
  3. Anyone hearing a weird new "grinding" sound when turning on their wheel since the update? I might have a personal issue there, but wanted to check with ya'll first.
  4. I recently sold my motorcycles and am all-in on wheels now. I live in a major city though, so it makes sense for my use-case.
  5. I finally joined the crew and updated. TL;DR: it's amazing. Motor is WAY quieter, wheel feels very responsive and smooth, and I accidentally hit 30.6 mph on my commute into work today. What people have been saying is absolutely correct: this update makes it SIGNIFICANTLY easier to go fast, so keep an eye on your speed when riding in the manner you used to pre-update. Additionally, my battery life seems to be a lot better now. Anyone else noticing this? I recently swapped out my shell to the new, stronger one since my old one was destroyed from jumping stairs, but I left the original motor. I am really enjoying the wheel now and wondering if upgrading the motor at all is necessary. If the 2200 watt gives me a little more wiggle-room at high speed, I will definitely consider it.
  6. One account appeared the same month the other stopped posting...
  7. I agree and am also sad to see the industry moving that way. Probably going to ride my 18XL into the ground before I upgrade again. I have already stripped it down to the bolts to do a shell swap, so I am pretty confident in my ability to keep the wheel on life support for as long as possible. Who knows? By that time we might have a 100V MCM5 or some other equally rediculous smaller wheel
  8. I seem to be in the minority because I prefer the thinner tire to the new 3-inchers. I am currently in the process of shopping for a 100V wheel, but have not really enjoyed the ride-feel of any of them. After riding a 16XL, MSX, and Nikola, I feel like the 3 inch wheels just dont like to lean into a turn. I had to fight all of those wheels in a turn because they want to stay upright. The 18XL has been a tough wheel to beat for riding feel both due to its thinner profile and the leanability of its tire.
  9. Where do I send money @Seba? Definitely owe you some if this update can do what you say!
  10. You will be fine! We have a lot of rider in the community here and the esplenade is a favorite riding spot.
  11. Really intrigued on the three layer motorcycle jacket and the gloves you use. Are we talking -30 degrees Fahrenheit? If so, that is CRAZY cold. How does the wheel handle something like that? I have a case for my 18xl on the way to improve on insulation and waterproofing, but that can only go so far.
  12. Ya know, I had been considering something like this! If they make a suit like this that is tough and abrasion resistant and looks halfway decent, that might be the perfect option. You can get to you destination and ditch the suit to reveal your elegant dinner jacket underneath.
  13. To kick off my mega-guide on cold-weather gear for PEV riders, I have started out with jackets. I would love to hear feedback from other winter-warriors in the community and see if there is anything I am missing in the jacket department (and also any tips for other gear as I begin to build out the gloves, shoes, pants, and helmet sections of the guide!) Tagging @winterwheel because I know that he will have some opinions on this topic.
  14. This is a good list, I will check all of these.
  15. I'll check out the control board! I don't think I noticed that it was loose when removing my shell, or how putting the shell back on would stabilize it, but it is a lead!
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