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  1. Because Gotway does not build their wheels to have updatable firmware. They just keep pushing new models to fix the issues inherent in past ones.
  2. The 21700 Nik+ that I got from you recently did not have the startup sound, so it seems like they are listening!
  3. Took my new Nik+ apart today with aims to review the speaker waterproofing and noticed something a little unexpected...entirely new speakers with some pretty ample waterproofing! For reference, the speaker is made of a rubber and has a significant amount of black liquid rubber (?) Sealant-type stuff. It is pretty sealed into the shell itself so I wasnt able to go any deeper without compromising the seal. Sounds great though!
  4. Where can I find more info on this?
  5. Personally, under heavy braking, I get my butt as low as I can (going into a kind of deep squat). This seems to help immensely for stability, stopping wobbles and gives me good leverage on the pedals.
  6. As a note: I got a 100v 21700 Nik in this week and it does not seem to make this sound. Just a beep for turn on and then a double beep when connection to EUC World has been established.
  7. Just got my Nikola 100v with the 21700 cells yesterday and am LOVING IT. Big thanks to @Jason McNeil I am an avid EUC World user and am currently trying to figure out wtf my alarms/tiltback/which apps I need to have set so that I do not dump my 190 pound body into the ground. After searching around the forum, I have found a couple different pieces of advice, but nothing specific to the new 100V wheels. For reference, I would like to have an alarm that goes off at just below the max speed/current that the wheel is capable of with my weight, nothing else necessary.
  8. Love the two-tone look and absolutely would need a zipper to access the trolley handle.
  9. D3m0nzz


    Dude, what a save! She is a natural.
  10. I live in Malden and can help you with this, or you can reach out to me for info on how to join our Telegram.
  11. I am 100% with you on this, but it seems we are the silent minority on the issue
  12. Seconded. It came as news to me recently that what I have been touting as "30 mph" for the last couple years has actually been closer to 26 mph.
  13. That's a very Zen way of looking at it Travs. I will try to see if I can take this sudden realization in stride as well
  14. Oh that's fucked. So I can't go beyond 26 mph on my 18 xl without getting tiltback... Probably time for a Gotway.
  15. Wait, now I am confused. Is the KS native app inflating speed by 18% and giving us alarms at 25~ish mph, or is EUC World inflating speeds by 18%, or both? Either way, wouldn't reducing the speed shown by 18% allow for a higher top speed without tiltback?
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