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  1. Almost all of us in the Boston crew are wearing a heated Ororo jacket of some kind.
  2. Honestly, the EVX review is what swayed me to getting this as my next wheel. I needed to see what an NYC rider who is used to high-speed wheels thought about it before I bought. InMotion has always been unmatched for polish and features but just a little bit lacking in the speed and torque department. Micky's review put my worries to rest.
  3. I'ma try to rig my Nik up on it's side with ratchet straps through the handle and rim.
  4. Mind if I interrupt the conjecture for a minute to ask if anyone is having trouble fitting their replacement cells inside of their shell? I was able to jam the new packs inside my shell and screw it down but it is bending a fair bit. I did not get a chance to compare the widths of the packs before replacing them.
  5. Let me know what you are able to rig up! I recently bought some ratchet straps to haul my Nik+ on my FJ09 but am interested to see if you come up with a better way to do it!
  6. Might be smart to start shying away from these third party mods as a community. Fires like this are what got "hoverboards" banned in most places. EUCs are always one major news story away from the same fate.
  7. Exactly this^ companies don't do expensive recalls unless they know that the issue is with that particular part. Batteries are the most expensive component on an EUC. The issue HAS to be with the batteries (contrary to what many are stating in this thread)
  8. A lot of speculation in the thread, when we dont even really know what the actual issue is yet. Let's try to wait for Jason and/or GotWay to make an official statement before we go telling people that their wheels are OK to ride. It takes a lot of money and effort for a business to organize a recall like this and I unfortunately doubt the ethics of GotWay to perform a recall on their own, unprompted by Jason.
  9. I believe that @Archee Jan Bloch holds this honor.
  10. I have one in Boston that is pretty beat up but would be a good learner if you are interested!
  11. Any speed alarms on in the app?
  12. Because Gotway does not build their wheels to have updatable firmware. They just keep pushing new models to fix the issues inherent in past ones.
  13. The 21700 Nik+ that I got from you recently did not have the startup sound, so it seems like they are listening!
  14. Took my new Nik+ apart today with aims to review the speaker waterproofing and noticed something a little unexpected...entirely new speakers with some pretty ample waterproofing! For reference, the speaker is made of a rubber and has a significant amount of black liquid rubber (?) Sealant-type stuff. It is pretty sealed into the shell itself so I wasnt able to go any deeper without compromising the seal. Sounds great though!
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