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EUC for uber eats / door dash deliveries?


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Hey all, I was looking into using my ebike for food delivery service and now that I have a KS 18XL, i was thinking about using it as my transport in my local downtown area (pretty low speeds and short delivery runs). Does anyone else do this and if so, any tips?? 

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I did something similar when I did Bird scooter recharging. I made about $200 in about a week of maybe an hour or two of work per day.

I researched DoorDash and Uber Eats, and decided against for these reasons.

1. DoorDash doesn't give you tips, that is, all tips given to you by the customer are intercepted by DoorDash and applied against your base pay.

2. Neither DoorDash nor UberEats lets you see the drop off point, which means you might have to go on extremely dangerous roads that are really car-only areas. Now this policy might be changed, but the reason it was implemented was that delivery workers would rightfully avoid bad neighborhoods, that is, neighborhoods where people living there commonly rob delivery workers.

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Or you could just beg for money. You'd make way more.

I would encounter the same bums again and again (and again) on my EUC rounds, and then when I would go bicycling I'd see them at the local park getting high on drugs. Basically, these bums panhandle for money, and then the drug dealer comes around to exchange money for drugs, with which they'd use a bit out of sight.

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