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WTB KS 16s/16d or 14s/14d


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Looking for my first electric unicycle! Ready to learn more and practice on something that has a battery life that can last between 15-25 miles. Super excited to get involved in this community, so any recommendations are welcome!

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I just had a  van knock me off my Kingsong 14m. I'm on crutches with two broken feet but the KM is minus a pad on one side and still going strong. I'm up in Vancouver. If you have occasion to come up here, I'd sell it to you for $300 CDn. It's a perfect learner wheel and great for bombing around the city - the Van that entered the traffic circle at speed after I was already in there causes the accident, not my wheel.

I bought the Kingsong brand new for learning, have a KingSong 18XL for when I am able to get back up wheeling and will probably by an Inmotion 8 for urban trips (light enough to life onto the bus).

Let me know if you are coming up this way. (604-765-8540)

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@Dan Travers Glad you're basically okay and that it wasn't worse. A King Song 14M has a top speed of 12.5 MPH (20 km/h), so I can't say that riding in a traffic circle is the best idea! When you've fully recovered, that kind of riding might be better handled by your King Song 18XL, once you have achieved the necessary skills.

@Bkmyd A belated welcome to the forum! I agree the King Song 14M could be a good first wheel. $300 Canadian dollars is about $225 U.S. dollars, which is a fair price. Once you have achieved some skills, you may find the 14M, with its 12.5 MPH top speed, to be a bit slow, at which time you could lend it to a friend for them to learn or sell it, which at the price you'd be getting should be a snap to sell. The forum here will turn up a buyer quickly, I'm guessing.

As to the recommendations you requested, if you'd like a new EUC or one with a higher top speed, and something you won't outgrow as fast, but keeping the price down, I suggest the King Song 14D as a first EUC. There's a 340Wh battery version for $750 and a 420Wh battery version for $850. Also the $1175 King Song 14S with an 840Wh battery. The 14D and 14S have a top speed of 18.6 MPH (30 km/h). It'll take you longer before you might want something faster. The price of a 14S is so close to a 16S that I recommend buying a 16S instead of a 14S, unless you really need a 14-inch wheel because of size or weight constraints.

The best starter EUC, in my opinion, and all around 16-inch EUC, is the latest King Song 16S, which is $1350. With its 16-inch wheel, it will be a better ride than a 14-inch, more nimble and easier to learn on than an 18-inch, and with a top speed of 21.8 MPH (35 km/h) you may not outgrow it at all, or at least not for a while. An older 16S will be less comfortable and will be without some of the more recent improvements to the 16S. By the way, there isn't a 16D, although there is a King Song 16X, which is better suited for more experienced riders. The $1450 GotWay Tesla goes faster and further than the King Song 16S, and the $899 InMotion V8 (also known as the Solowheel Glide 3) goes slower and not as far as the King Song 16S. The Tesla and V8 are both good EUCs, but I still prefer the King Song 16S over either one, having tried all makes.

I'm an eWheels affiliate and also an EUC enthusiast. While I offer all advanced EUCs for sale, my personal favorite maker is King Song, so I'll buy your King Song 14D, 14S, or 16S from you for 60% of what you paid within 90 days of you buying it through one of my links, assuming it remains in excellent condition. I will cover shipping. All you'd have to do is keep the original materials, print up a prepaid mailing label I would email you, and drop the box off at the nearest FedEx office--no papers or payment needed at FedEx. Once received and its excellent condition confirmed, I will immediately pay you via Zelle or PayPal.

Follow the Newbies link on 3euc.com for my tips on learning how to ride and your EUC should remain in excellent condition. There is no need to wreck your EUC (or yourself) during the learning process!

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