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Kingsong 18XL won't unlock AT ALL

Dan Travers

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I bought a Kingsong 18XL 6 weeks ago. I understand that it unlocks to 40kph at 5 km and 50 at 200kmh. I've crossed both thresholds and nothing has changed. I tried changing the speed via the Kingsong App but I get an error message. When I get to around 20kph I get the tilt back and then the loud voice telling me to PLEASE DECELERATE. I'm not invested in going 50kmh but I would like to at least be able to go 30. I'm not sure what to do to fix this. The seller is contacting Kingsong about this. Any suggestions?

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Do you have the latest version of the app? 
Try setting 3rd alarm to 2 km/h lower than “warping speed” and it should work. Also make sure you are registered. Try on wifi only and location enabled. 

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make sure you login in to application first, it's very important aspect !!!
(in other words you need to have an account created and otherwise it will not work)


other users posting about this...


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