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Tire Slow Leak or Air Refill Interval


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I come to the conclusion that all tires leak.  The gas eventually permeates through the rubber requiring that you top off the air ever few months.  I noticed that my wheels have different rates of natural deflation (not related to physical damage).  Perhaps it is due to the seal against the metal valve stem, or the usage of tubeless tires. 

Can you guys share your experiences?  Please be sure to state the following:

  • Make, Model, Size, Type of EUc
  • the frequency that you refill?  
  • What psi you discovered when tire pressure was low?
  • What psi you fill to?
  • What you use to fill the air?

For me, so far I have the following:

  • GW18-MS, GW18-HS, GW10, Solowheel16-classic
  • 2 mo, 2 mo, 1 mo, 5 mo
  • 20psi, 22psi, 3psi, 18psi
  • 45psi for all
  • I use the mini electric compressor on my portable 12v battery jump starter, I check with separate digital gauge.

The GW10 handles by far the worse when deflated.  But since it is tubeless, the sidewalls are hard as a rock and you can't tell as easily that it is flat like with regular thin-walled tubed tires.

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