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Is the App on my Ipad OK?

Phil Wright

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I've only just made a purchase of my 9BO e+ , delivery due late November and was having a look at the App on my Ipad and downloaded it.

My current older phone cant take the App, so am I right in thinking that I can adjust things like

- Lights

- Speed

- Ride mode 

via my Ipad at home before I ride, but mileage etc will not be transferred to the Ipad after my ride, or am I wrong?

it'd be cool if the Bluetooth feature transfered that information to my Ipad loaded App after the ride..(just dont want to be holding my Ipad as I ride)

thanks for the advice,

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You probably already know, but your iPad needs to support Bluetooth V4 - my 'company' iPad II doesn't and although it lets you download and install the app it wont talk to the EUC :(

At least now I've got myself a decent (or at least so far!) new smart phone which does it all - and well over-due according to my family ;)

Also, doesn't let you do too much on the app alone as it's geared up for more than just the Ninebot One - does those two-wheel thingies too!  So until you connect it doesn't know which features are available to your model and which aren't?  At least in my experience that's the case.

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