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Regen When at 100% Battery

LA Rider

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Hello.  I live on a large hill.  Was worried that I could overheat my battery or damage it if I go down the hill using regen when my battery is 100% topped off.  My brother has a OneWheel and this is not recommended on his battery.

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The wheel will not let you overcharge the battery. In that situation it will sound an overcharge alarm and apply tiltback (probably with prejudice). Be sure to not ignore the warning or "just ride down the last bit", otherwise it has no choice but to quickly switch off mid-ride (and you butt-plant) to prevent overcharging which would eventually lead to a more dangerous situation (battery ignites).

The trick is to not charge the wheel fully when starting on a hill. Charge it so it is at 100% at the bottom of the hill, no capacity/range lost then (the hill is indeed free).

If you get caught on a hill by the overcharge warning, ride a bit back up and then continue on your route. As regeneration isn't 100% efficient (more like 50%), you will get a little further down (like twice as much). You can repeat that to work yourself to the bottom of the hill.

Batteries overheating from riding isn't a thing. No need to worry about that. The wheel (board) would throw an overheat warning first. Anyways, the highest battery stress would be going up the hill, not down.

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