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Finally, I got my hands on a device which used Bluetooth V4 to actually link up with the bot and see what was going on with the dashboard!  I lost count of the phones / tablets I tried to get working beforehand - all were too old / cheap / to be able to handle the app and talk to the wheel :(

Took delivery of a Doogee (Chinese 'copy') smartphone - the Turbo Mini F1 model - and was able to change the mode's, upgrade firmware etc.

Set the mode back to zero and really like the improved acceleration over mode 2 which I was on for learning (set by Ian from Speedyfeet before leaving the shop) and even had a short stint on mode 9 just to see how bad it was ;)

Now know I've covered 30 miles so far - not very many compared to most I suspect but for the few weeks I've been playing at it I'm quite impressed.

Interesting to see the MPH when just messing around in the car park - goes red around the outside when going 'fast' - and around that time the pedals push you back to slow down a bit, funny though, you don't really realise how fast you're going when you're enjoying yourself :)

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