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WheelLog in your language - help needed


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If you're using WheelLog you probably know that its original version is in English language only. But I thought that it would be a good idea to localize this app to other languages - French, German, Dutch, Spanish. I already added Polish version. Anyone wants to have a WheelLog in own language? If yes, please read the post below. I will also be very happy with any reviews or comments on my WheelLog version with added speech messages & alerts. If you have a problem with speed alert beeps disappearing in wind noise, this may be a solution :) It's also very helpful on longer rides by keeping you continuously aware of your wheel parameters - battery level, speed, distance travelled so far, time etc.



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7 hours ago, Fabricio said:

I'm from Brazil, I can do the portuguese localizing.

Thanks Fabricio! :) Please email me at sebastian@euc.world, I'll send you a spreadsheet with actual English strings that needs to be translated to Portuguese. I'm planning to release WheelLog update within next days, it's good opportunity to add Portuguese.

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4 hours ago, Fabricio said:

Seba, I sent the e-mail. My e-mail is fabriciomgomes@gmail.com, can you confirm if you received it? ;)

Fabricio, I received your mail. Sorry I didn't replied yet, I'm making final additions to the language file, so I wanted to send it to you when it will be finished.

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