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Gianluca Silvestrini

Blinking charger v10

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Hello everyone,
after 1100 km on my Ninebot s2, he decided to have battery problems and I decided to change wheel.
I received my v10 today and I just tried if it was working, then I plugged it to put it on charge.
The wheel has been on the wall charging for about 5 hours now, the app still shows 48% (it was 38 when I plagged in) but mostly the charger keeps blinking/flashing red and green.
When i plug the charger on the wall turns green, as soon as I plug the wheel it starts flashing.
Is it normal this flashing? also the charging time is worring me to be honest.
did anybody experience something similar?

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On 3/7/2019 at 12:51 AM, Gianluca Silvestrini said:

edit: the charger when attached to the powerplug blinks green, it is not solid green.

Hello, Please send us by service email with your SN. My colleague from the customer service center will help you solve the problem. Thanks

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First post on The forum, bumping this thread. 

I just got my V10 2 days ago, Great wheel. However I do also have a charging issue. First time I pligged it in the LED on The charger was constantly Green, i got the audible "charge-notification" and the battery indicator on the wheel showed that it was charging. But after ~6 hours of charging it still showed the same battery percentage (~50%).


I went on a ride today and got the battery indication down to ~30%, plugged it in, aand it's the same today. 😮 


Any suggestions? The wheel only has about 13km on The clock..

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