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  1. Hello New to the forum, got myself a new V10 5 days ago. It does not charge!! So when i unpacked the wheel the battery showed 68% charge. Tried it out and rode about 2km total, after that i connected the charger. The LED on the charger lights up green and stays green even when connected to the wheel. The wheel makes the "charging sound" when i connect the charger, and the blue battery indicator is indicating that it´s charging. After charging for appr. 6 hours i disconnected the charger, powered up the wheel and connected my phone to find that the battery level now showed the same/slightly lower than before. I spoke to the seller and he said that he had the same problem with another wheel, he told me to ride it and get the battery charge down lower to get it to start charging. I tried at 30%, got the same results. Now it´s at 20%/72V and still does not charge I measured the output voltage from the charger, its at 81V without load. Then i measured the voltage on the + and - pins on the wheel, got a value of around 240mV. Should there be battery voltage on these pins? (wheel was turned off when i measured). Is there some kind of fuse on the charging port that might be blown? The wheel now has ~20km on the clock, and rides perfectly. The seller now seems to ignore me, can´t get in touch with him.. Thankful for all kinds of input that can help to sort this out, I just want to get out and ride my new wheel
  2. First post on The forum, bumping this thread. I just got my V10 2 days ago, Great wheel. However I do also have a charging issue. First time I pligged it in the LED on The charger was constantly Green, i got the audible "charge-notification" and the battery indicator on the wheel showed that it was charging. But after ~6 hours of charging it still showed the same battery percentage (~50%). I went on a ride today and got the battery indication down to ~30%, plugged it in, aand it's the same today. 😮 Any suggestions? The wheel only has about 13km on The clock..
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