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KS 14D conversion to 14S


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I feel like I read somewhere that the 14d can't be converted into a 14s. Is this true or can I shove another battery in the ks14d? I have never opened the wheel myself so I don't know what it looks like inside.

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Here’s what ewheels has to say about this (taken from the KS14D’s FAQ):

“• Is it possible to purchase the 14D now, then upgrade the Wheel to the 14S at a later time?

Purchasing a replacement 840Wh battery pack is about expensive, about $600. In addition, you’ll need a set of replacement 14S outer-shells to accommodate the larger pack & a new control-board with the 14S firmware. When all these costs are added up, it’s 90% the cost a new 14S. You are probably better off, offloading to 14D to a friend, family, or someone looking to getting into Wheeling, & purchasing a new 14S.”

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