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Helmets for EUCs, yes, but helmets for...golfing?


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Is this a joke? I wasn't able to find corroborating evidence but I do know anecdotally that golfers are forever and constantly injuring each other.


I'm suspicious of the self-referencing quote.

In my opinion, mandatory helmet use for:

Autos; yes, due to the highest likelihood of head injuries and death.

Motorcycles; yes.

Bicycles; maybe, urban with protected lanes no but fast group riding where someone catches your wheels then yes.

EUC; probably due to cutouts.

Golfing; wtf?

Bathroom with old person; probably due to the highest likelihood of death and injury.

Walking; yes, due to the highest likelihood of death and injury.

Equestrian; yes.

Skateboards and rollerblades; yes, especially if motorized.


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