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Liability insurance and you (aka google sucks balls).


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I am really starting to loath google because the companies it puts at the top of search resultsĀ  are almost entirely subprime credit, crappy insurance, and other people who lie to you.

Never trust a google result that begins with a lie. I think that's virtually all of them. I'm pretty sure 95% of the ad revenue of google is crappy loans and insurance, weight-loss crap that doesn't work, and "you won't believe".

Fuck google.

Annyyywaaayy, I am writing this because everyone here needs to examine their auto insurance. In my case, I called up my insurance and actually talked to them as to what is covered.

500,000 (the max) medical coverage if I am walking, in or on a vehicle (unicycle, bicycle, car) and someone runs me over, and they are not insured or underinsured. This is part of your underinsured/uninsured portion of your auto policy. Be advised about 1/3 of the vehicles on the road are in this category.

--For example, you are crossing the street, someone runs you over, and they run away. You are covered (although you're not going to be happy).

--You are riding on your unicycle or your bicycle, and same situation. You are covered, both you and your machine.

--You crash your damned bike/uni into a post. Tough, you don't get anything.

You have to call yours and make sure you have insurance of this type.

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