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Fate of Focus Designs SBU?


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anyone know what happened to the Focus Designs company that created the SBU? I have two of them and can't reach or find any way to contact them, any ideas? Still have not found anything that compares with SBU except unicycles with dumb handles for no reason and 3 times the weight - it has to be carryable or it's not worth it! Anyone seen anything similar in rideables? i have bad feet so i use this as a handicap mobility vehicle as well as fun. thanks!



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I had two SBU models, v1 and now v2 and they've been great. V1 had been loaned out to a "friend" who no longer replies to contact efforts. He deserves the V1, as it was a stiffly responding challenge of a ride.

The V2 is a dreamboat compared to V1. I've taught people in their fifties to ride in two fifteen minute sessions. There's nothing like having the seat as a brace when learning to scooter with it, making the balance capture all the easier.

I had tried to contact Focus Designs quite a few times in the past couple of years. The voicemail works, but no replies. The email works, but no replies. I've given up on contacting them, but more because my SBU is going to be posted here in the near future.

I agree that there's nothing else out there that compares to the SBU. The handles on some models turn a cool fun transport into a dweeb ride, but that's just my opinion.

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I'm in the same boat, I saw a SUB V3 downtown in San Diego and vowed to have one someday. I got my chance about 2 years ago on eBay and had the highest bid at $650. 

I was told that it was one of the ones from the Shark Tank episode but wasn't used during the taping. It was in the original box but the key to the lock was missing. No big deal I have a guy, took care of the lock only to find that the batteries only have a 2 month shelf life span in not recharged in the 2 month periods of non use. So batteries have gone bad and need replacements and would prefer original type batteries as to be sure not to hurt the rest of the electronics. Any help on locating original type battery packs would be a gift.

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