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Temperature warning (ACM 2)

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I've been practicing an idling today. At start I was worry, not to stress the wheel too much, but as I get into it, I realized it's been over 15 minutes. So just to be sure, I stopped, kept the wheel on, and opened the app. After like 10 seconds after app has opened, temperature beeping has started (first time, that happened to me). I had 80 celsius at that moment.

My guess is, I have just hit the 80 as I stopped. Hopefully, it didn't start the warning only after the app has connected.

My question is, could this incident badly impact condition of the wheel? Could some wires already start to melt together? I wouldn't even thought about that, but I have seen some time ago a video from @Marty Backe burning his ACM riding a long steep hill. Does it makes sense to open the wheel and check the wiring? I would rather not, but safety first. Though if I remember Marty has actually some trouble identifying those two cables as, they were wrapped together. It took some guess work and sharp tools. So I wouldn't be able to see anything wrong just by looking at what's visible right?

I left the wheel to cool down, took pretty long time. Then out for some temperature test. I couldn't get over 50 celsius at any point. Took a ride uphill 10 miles. Mildly hot summer day. Though in the woods the air flow was much cooler, so that may also helped to keep the temp down. So that probably proves I have never even closely reach the temperature that high and that worries me a bit. I'm riding pretty fast and cut off is the boogeyman. I hope single incident like that can't affect "a mint condition", right? Right? ?

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