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Ninebot Z6 or Z10 which one?


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Hi there,

I am glad to find this forum about EUC. I have a ninebot one S2 and have been tracking with the new Z for some time. Glad it is available now. Much useful discussion here many thanks!

Now I am just not sure which one to get, Z6 or Z10? (I believe ninebot has dropped Z8). I am not going to use it for super fast speed (30km/h is enough...), and 40km distance to run is also good for me. However I found Z10 is mostly discussed here, so maybe Z10 would keep more value/fun to play?

I am at 80kg so maybe a more power model can be better? I have no idea how different Z6/Z10 would feel - even at the same speed. Z6 has a single battery pack but Z10 has two. Another reason to consider?

Anyway, any comment is high appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi and welcome to the forum. There are a lot of knowledgeable, friendly forum members here that can help with your questions, so you are now in the right place. From what I understand and from the available information so far, you would be better to go with the Z10. I say this, because at 80kg (which is around my weight) I think you may find the Z6 under-powered, especially with the single battery pack. You also have to remember that manufacturers claims to to range/speed are usually a gross overestimate when it comes to real day to day usage, with riders of regular weight/build upwards. I think you may struggle to even reach 40km distance and safely reach 30km/h with sufficient headroom. It is always better to be able to ride your wheel safe in the knowledge that you are Not riding at the machines limits and have a good margin of performance to spare for safety reasons. In my opinion and given that you weigh the same as myself, my recommendation would definitely be to go for the Z10 (it's also the wheel I've chosen to get next)

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