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17stone new guy


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Apart from the advice to loose weight ?? i want my first wheel to be reliable.

Speed is not a great issue but a strong axle and range are ive read alot and like the kinsong S and L and z10.

The idea of an 18 inch wheel also makes sense my route is path hill pavement and there would be some good rides of mixed terain the main local one is just over 20 miles.

Im not tech savvy which is another good reason for reliabilty.

All advice will be greatfully recieved ?? 


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17 Stone = 238 Lbs = 108 Kg


eWheels has a nice table for reference which includes payload weight. It can be found here: 


Recommended weight is what to go by, to leave the wheel some wiggle room for inclines and whatnot. 

So the KingSong 18S/L and Ninebot Z10 are good considerations as far as 18" goes, as well as the MSuper line.

Bear in mind though that the weight recommendations are not hard and fast rules, more like suggestions. I weigh 280lbs fully loaded and mob around on a ninebot e+, so lower power wheels are possible, but deffo not recommended. 

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As a rider of many numbers myself, I agree that you should probably be looking primarily at an 18" wheel.

I have a KS-18L on its way to me currently, though cannot comment as I haven't ridden one yet. But I do know that the later MSuper wheels "fit" the larger / heavier riders quite nicely.

It was also pleasantly surprisingly how well the KS-16S performs "under load" - and a 16" wheel is slightly more agile than an 18" one.

Overall though, I think you are on the right track.

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