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MSuper v3S not charging

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Good morning,

I need some help and advise. My MSuper is not charging anymore. I tried the 5A charger I got from eWheels and the regular charger with a charge doctor attached. They show 83V and 84V which means they don't start charging the wheel. Since the wheel has low voltage it starts beeping as soon as you accelerate but otherwise shows no other problems. Cruising at slow speed gives no warning beeps. 

Do you have any ideas what could be the problem here? Is it the board or just the charging port? I didn't have the time yet to open the wheel, but would appreciate some ideas where I should start searching.

Thank you for your help,


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It has been known for the charging wires to be connected internally to the charging port with hardly any solder and a dab of hot glue! You might want to open the wheel and make sure the wires haven't fallen off the charging port.

Edit: I remember that historically Gotway doesn't use diodes in their charging system so you could initally use a multimeter to measure for a voltage at the external charging pins of the wheel. Be very careful not to short the pins. If no voltage is seen then there is definitely a break in the connection to the battery. If you get a voltage above 68V then the wires are still attached although how well they are attached and what level of current they can transfer would still be in question.

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